Journey to India By ian lane

Day 1: I am on my way to India from the u.s. to see how the call centers we call to actually work. I will be going to supsnazzel call center. I don't know much about call centers so I came to find out for myself and everyone else.

Day 2, 3:15 AM. I have landed and going to my hotel outside the call center. It's not surprising that India has the second most people in the world with more than 1.2 billion people. Traffic is insane inside the city and there are people everywhere.

Day 3, 7:00 AM (India time zone) I'm off to the call center, traffic is still crazy. 8:00: I arrived at the call center. The building is huge with glass covering the outside and the sun looks amazing outside the call center. 8:15. I just got into the main call center. People everywhere are talking costumers using American names. I don't think that everyone here has an actual American name, but that's what I'm starting to think. 8:18 I go into the main office room with the boss of the entire call center. He tells me that people here get paid 2$ per hour. He said even though everyone is on a phone that this is around midnight in the US and that during the night shifts that it's absolutely crazy. I also asked about education. The boss tells me that everyone here has gone through their own training but that they also go through college, most people in India do. He also tells me that India has the 2nd most population for urban areas so a lot of people move to the city to be closer to their jobs and the call centers. Then I ask about training here and he says to go home and he'Ll have a surprise for me tommarow.

Day 4, 8:10. I did some research last night and also found out that India has large rapid growth with the most childeren in the world. This means that after their education that their will be so many more people in the work force, also people in India don't know how to read/write more than other counties and yet India is 3rd in the world for students going to college. 8:20. The surprise that the boss had for me was getting to experience first hand with the other people. 8:30. I'm in my first class and so far the experience is pretty harsh. Teachers are pretty mean to student when they get questions wrong and they move on without giving them a chance to change their answer or let anyone else answer. 9:15. I moved on to my next class which about sarcasm and the English language. So they actually use our language and accent and knowledge for us when getting paid very little. 10:00 It turns out that people in the call centers use fake names or American names instead of their own for the costomures to pronounce their names and so they sound more American. They are also hard in trading becacuse they have to know what their is to know and so they can handle people being rude and mean to them over the phone.

Day 5. 6:30 am I got up early again doing more research, I found out that you need to have completed college to be allowed to work in the call centers, the schooling in India is good because they tech you the things that you need to know in life to have a good job and survive. 8:45 am back in the main office after getting here late because of traffic, today I'll just be browsing around people seeing more about how they work. 1:00 am day 6 I came back later in the night were most of action takes place because people in America are calling mid day. The first thing I noticed was that everyone was busy. I saw people talking to custamors and then other people calling and putting them on hold. If I wasn't in the India call center I wouldn't relize these people weren't American. Some people still have Indian accents but others not. 7:00 I had to leave to get some sleep and when I was leaving I saw some people have been on hold since I got there to when I left. I heard the longest time someone was on hold was 7 hours total which I know would make me mad.

Day 7 10:00 am. I am leaving India after one week to go home and I can say that I have learned a lot in this adventure.


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