Fundamentals of Art BY: Noah Coffman

Thematic Library Window Mural

Problem to Solve: Collaborate to design a painted mural on the windows above the library. Your design will be based on the FSD annual theme and will positively influence the FSD community

I learned that you have to work together to get a big project done. I also learned that art is about imagination.

Pre-Assessment/ Base Line drawing of a flower, tiger, or an eye.

Problem to Sove: Create a reproduction of your chosen image (flower, tiger, or eye) by using graphite pencils on paper.

I learned that my drawing abilities were below par, and that I would have to work to get better.

Draw a Person

I believe this drawing is schematic. It looks like a 7 year old drew this.

Vase Face and Monster Vase Face

Practice the drawing strategy of switching to right brain dominance while accurately drawing the reflection of the face.

I learned that you have to look at the contour lines to draw the best drawing you can draw.

Upside down Drawing

Problem to Sove: Allow your right brain thinking strategies to dominate while you accurately draw your chosen image upside down.

I learned that since I looked at the contour lines and not at the object so I drew it better.

Blind Contour and Contour line drawing

Blind Contour Problem to Solve: Without looking at your paper, record all of the edges of your hand. Your goal is line specificity.

Contour Problem to Solve: Use the grid lines on the plexiglass view finer to help you replicate your contour line drawing of your hand. You are aiming for accurate proportions and line specificity.

I learned that it's hard to draw depth and it is something I want to work on.

5 contour line drawings from observation

I learned that drawing depth changes a pictures image. I also learned that it harder drawing looking at 3D objects.

Blotted Contour Line Drawing

Negative Space of a Ram

I learned that you could draw the empty space of an object you don't have to just draw the object.

Skeleton Tracing on the IPad

Skeleton Drawing with Sharpie

I learned that drawing skeletons is not as easy as it looks.

Exploration of procreate With transforming a Selfie

I learned the app procreate and how to use it.

Contrast and balance by using an O

Scale and Proportion

Emphasis and visual Movement

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