Freshman-Junior Breakfast August 17, 2017

In the U.S. studies have shown that diversity is good when growing up. When you are with diverse people you will show more acceptance to different cultures. In the workplace, diversity can have multiple benefits such as enhanced creativity, problem-solving abilities, and better use of talent. If you are with diverse people you are more compatible with differences and you become more accepting. Diversity in a group/team can work very well when each member changes their opinion/point of view, in which they have more creativity, and perform better.

It is important to be diverse because they can bring new ideas that can help a community grow. It’s also important because we need to give people places to live and make the different cities and towns. The refugees can also bring good skills and qualities that can help in many different situations.

On August 17th, a breakfast will be held in the Daniel cafeteria, for upcoming freshman and 2016-2017 juniors. The breakfast will start at 9:00 am. and run until 10:45. Games and fun activities will be played such as paper basketball, and trivia.

This event will bring together the two groups that don't really meet face to face very much. This breakfast also gives the upcoming freshman a chance to get to know the school and get advice.

This will make these two groups and the overall community of Daniel High more accepting to differences and more outgoing. This also creates a chance to make new friends.

The challenges of this could be that the Juniors are “more mature” than the freshman so sometimes they do not get along. Also the Juniors are more wise and the Freshman are more childish so the Juniors may not want to put up with the childish Freshman.

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