Dwellings EPIC planning

Dwellings instinctively makes us think of houses and homes, but it can mean so much more. When thinking about planning for our activities in class, I would like you to think about what you would like to focus on by considering the following: different types of dwellings, animal dwellings, historical dwellings, Eco dwellings, dwellings across the globe and imaginative dwellings (e.g. a hobbit hole).

Historical dwellings - think about time periods that interest you. Do you know how people lived during that time? How did they build? e.g. how did the Egyptians build the pyramids?? Would you like to investigate a particular era? Would you like to try to recreate a model of a historical building that interests you? Is there a historical building in the locality you would like to research?

Eco homes - we are all being encouraged to be more environmentally friendly due to the impact of our lifestyles and industries on the environment and globe as a whole. If you could research, design an plan to build your own Eco home, what would you do? What materials would you use? How could you make it affordable? Could it help to tackle homelessness if a cheap and effective model could be produced?

Biodiversity - what is the variation of life in an ecosystem? Are species dying or on the verge of extinction? What factors might be contributing to this?

What is an ecosystem? What ecosystems interest you the most? Which ecosystem has the most diverse variation of life?

Can we create our own ecosystem in a jar?

Imaginative dwellings - if you could live anywhere, where would it be? What type of house would you live in? A tree? A burrow? A Hobbit hole?

Have you ever read a story that transports you to a new world and adventure, that changes your conception of what a 'dwelling' is? One of my favourite stories is 'The Hobbit' by J R Tolkien, where new worlds are created as you read.

What books could we link to our topic? Could we create our own imaginative homes? Write stories about new worlds and ecosystems?

Task - What would you like to learn about linked to Dwellings? Use the above images and questions to help guide you.

Can you create an activity for each AOLE on the blank template?(Expressive Arts, Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Technology, Health and Well-being and Humanities.

Tell me if something really interests and inspires you - what would you like to learn about??

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