Personal Branding Statement Laila casey-walsh

Aspiring PR executive and current QUT student, Laila Casey-Walsh

Laila Casey-Walsh is an aspiring PR executive, who currently studies at the Queensland University of Technology, working with likeminded students who are all passionate about combining business with media and communications to tap into the modern technological market.

Laila strongly believes in respecting and accepting everyone, regardless of their beliefs, something which is more important than ever in today’s culturally diverse society. This is evident through her work for ACCESS Community Services (for more information on ACCESS, view their website here), a multicultural not-for-profit organisation helping refugees, and the Islamic Women’s Association of Queensland, or IWAQ (for more information on IWAQ, view their website here).

Laila’s work in these organisations also demonstrates her passion for business and determination, with Laila completing numerous tasks, including filing and administrative duties, such as data entry, to get a taste for the business world.

Furthermore, Laila values determination, with many people describing her as “ambitious” and “driven.” This can be demonstrated by Laila’s completion of a certificate III in business, during her year 12 studies. Juggling 5 other subjects, this also shows her organisational skills, as Laila graduated with an academic merit award for year 12, and came second to dux in the subject of business.

This certificate III in business, completed through online academy Axiom College (for more information on Axiom College, view their website here), also allowed Laila to delve deeper into the world of business, combining media tools with business projects such as advertisements and marketing presentations.

Laila is also well skilled at conversing with people from all demographics, a skill which she has learnt from working as a front-end team member at supermarket giant Woolworths (for more information on Woolworths, view their website here). Working on the self-checkout has given Laila the tools to effectively help solve problems with customers.

Laila is highly passionate, a skill which has proven to be very beneficial, as Laila has been involved in numerous ventures, including the marketing for her mother’s business, Real Options Consultancy Services. Laila has helped to increase public recognition for this brand through creating a LinkedIn account (see the account here), to help with the PR for the business, and is currently designing the businesses website.

This furthermore highlights Laila’s value of loyalty, as she goes out of her way to help those close to her, regardless of the circumstances.

While being very business orientated, Laila also enjoys journalistic writing, having written film reviews, including one on the film ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ which has been published (view the review here). This demonstrates that she is also able to utilise her creative and journalistic side, something which will serve her well for her future in PR, where the skills of communication and language are extremely crucial.

With her professional skills, determination and organisation, as well as her personal values and beliefs, all garnered from experience, it is definitive that Laila will have a bright future in the world of business, media and communications. Furthermore, her passion for changing the way media is used in the world of business means that Laila will leave a unique and innovative mark in the world of business, media and communications.

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