Passionate Traveler

Julio from Porto, Portugal. Julio have a dream, his dream to travel all around the world. He found solution how he could do that. Inspired this remarkable dream, he become to be street musician, who are going in different part of the world with his hippie style van and giving his music for everybody. The best thing which he could take from his work is people emotion. That moment when people while hurry from one point to another point, stopped for a moment and listen music which he is playing with guitar, whatever will be Beatles song or traditional Portuguese songs. That moment when they are stopped, and just living in that moment, smiling and enjoying the great vibe which surround us, it is the best thing what you could take from another person.

He used to have a band where he was playing with guitar or with that mandala. They was playing portuguese/spanish traditional song. Duo to his huge passion for traveling he become solo artist. Despite the fact, that huge part of his close people, do not understand his choices and mostly all the time complaining about it, that he do not survive just playing music in the street and asking to search a real job like everybody.

Photo from Julio personal album

When I asked Julio, which country left for him biggest impression. He said:

"Kosovo. Not because of the country. Country is awful. But due to people. Kosovo people really friendly, helpful. For them it is not complicated to talk with random, strangers people and invite them for a drink. So thats why I like Kosovo so much, because people are building our lifes."

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