Scotland by: Ethan Altovilla & Tucker harvey

Facts About Scotland

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and is the Northern part of Great Britain

Map of United Kingdom (bottom right), Great Britain flag (top right)
  • They have a constitutional monarchy
  • Around 5.2 million people
  • Their capital is Edinburgh and the largest city is Glasgow
  • The official language is English, Gaelic, Scots
  • Current queen is Queen Elizabeth II
  • Queen Mary of Scotland became queen when she was six days old
  • Scotland has lots of unseen or undiscovered islands
  • Scotland was an independent country until about the 15th century
  • Scottish folk music is what is mainly played in Scotland
  • Some Scottish foods are: haggis, scotch pie, lorne sausage, and shortbread

IB Schools

St. Leonards is Scotland's top IB school and is for boys and girls ages 5 to 19. St. Leonards is actually on the campus of St. Andrews college in Scotland. Registration for the school is 10,319 Euros which is almost 11,000 dollars each term. St. Leonards was founded in 1512 but only as a chapel at the time beside St. Andrews College. The IB School didn't become a boarding school until 1877 by St. Andrews Professors' wives.


January and February are the coldest months in Scotland while July and August are the hottest. In January and February maximum temperatures average about 5 Degrees Celsius to 7 Degrees Celsius. In the warmest months, July and August, temperatures usually reach about 19 Degrees Celsius which is only 66 Degrees Fahrenheit. You can also experience changeable nature of the climate in Scotland, which means you can experience weather from all four seasons in one day.


Some animals in Scotland are the Pine Marten, red deer, and red squirrel. The Pine Marten kind of looks like a bear but are small, athletic climbers that actually hunt down the red squirrel. The red squirrel lives high in the trees of Scotland mainly in the Scots Pine. The red deer is like a smaller type of deer. During the spring their antlers fall off to then grow back for breeding season in the Fall.


There are a lot of different religions in Scotland most people of Scotland are: Catholic (774,550 members), in The Church of Scotland (770,217 members), Episcopalian (35,000 members), or Muslim (20,000 members). There are a whole lot of traditions in costumes from weddings all the way to what they do on Christmas. One of the three main traditions is what you wear to weddings. A bride actually wears a traditional wedding dress but the men wear kilts, a kilt jacket, and a sporran. The most famous dish eaten in Scotland is the Haggis which is made from a sheep. On Christmas day all over Scotland is a game played called The Ba. The goal of the game is to get the Ba, which is a ball, into the goal across town. The men in the town are separated into two teams and the game can go on for hours.


Contemporary or modern art has taken over most of Scotland. Some of the most known contemporary artists are Alison Watt, Michael Fullerton, or Richard Wright. Scotland is also very famous for their old pieces mainly from the 1700s-1800s. One of the most famous is by Henry Raeburn and is a portrait of Colonel Alastair Randaldson Macdonell of Glengary, in his kilt with his kilt jacket and musket.

Scotland compared to Colonial williamsburg

Both Scotland and Colonial Williamsburg's architecture date back to hundreds of years ago. But there a lot of differences, Williamsburg's buildings are very square and Scotland has many different shapes and are really all different in looks. Scotland's architecture is mostly made out of stone and rock and there are A LOT of castles. In Colonial Williamsburg there are no castles and most of the Buildings are made from brick.


Sango Bay
Balmoral Castle

Scottish Food!!

Scottish foods

Scottish foods such as haggis or lorne sausage are strange kind of meats. A lorne sausage is a mixture of meats all put together and then shaped into a 10 cm. by 10 cm. square. A haggis is the heart, liver, or lungs of a sheep. This is usually cooked with spices, onions, and salt. Both dishes are served with corn or potatoes on the side. Most Scottish meals end with shortcake. Shortcake is a biscuit with multiple layers of strawberry and cream.

Instruments and music of Scotland

Celtic Harp

Songs: Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits By: Marc Gunn, I'm a Rover Seldom Sober By: The Dubliners, There Are No Pubs in Kirkintilloch By: The Corries

scotland's National animal

Fun Facts!!

  • November 30th is the National Day of Scotland
  • More than 3,000 people per year get hurt or die by tripping over their trousers
  • Scotland’s official animal is a unicorn
  • All horses, ponies, and donkeys must have a horse passport
  • The Lochness monster is a scottish folktale or legend




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