Poster-O-Rama A European gig poster show


Is a travelling exhibition of gig posters representing more than 30 European artists. The aim is to bring the culture of hand-printed gig posters to all corners of big and small cities.

We work together with the makers of the Squeegee Book, Le Gig Poster? and Colored Gigs to provide a broad spectrum of art and design.

The archive includes work from:

Arrache-toi un oeil! - Antighost - Apes Of Doom - Brookesia Studio - Branca Studio - Joris Diks - Error Design - Fancy Art Club - Grace Helly - Giov' - Go Sterk - Jelle Van Gosliga Impossible Machine - Phillip Janta - Lars P. Krause - Willem Kolvoort - Simon Marchner Fabio Meschini - Monostereo - Münster Studio - My Name Is Bri - Noise Armada - Petting Zoo Keeper - Mara Piccione - Remo Pohl - Parlefroi - Rainbow - Sharlach Sehfeuer - Señor Burns Spiegelsaal - Studio Captain - Subterranean Prints - Tiny Little Horse - Toucan Tango - Carlo Vivary - Thomas Zettel - Zum Heimathafen

and many more…

Upcoming shows:

GRID - Grafisch Museum / 17.–27.01. 2019 Groningen

Vienna International Gig Poster Show / 2.–3.03. 2019 Wien

Who we are?

Poster-O-Rama is a coalition of four different characters from the European gigposter scene. We’re all commercial artists, screen printers and active members of Posterkrauts and the American Poster Institute.

Joris Diks from Utrecht runs a studio called „Handprinted Stuff“ and is organiser of the „Le Gig Poster?“ poster exhibition during the „Le Guess Who?“ Festival.

Thomas Zettel from Barcelona runs the studio „Bicycle Press“ and organises a poster show during Europe’s largest vinyl convention in Vienna.

Torsten Jahnke is part of the design duo „Spiegelsaal“ and is head of the „Flatstock Poster Convention“ in Hamburg.

Alexander Hanke runs the studio „Zum Heimathafen“ and organised a variety of exhibitions and events with a collective called Urbanpiraten.

The four of us joined together to bundle our knowledge and to present the amazing art of gig posters to a broader audience.

How it works:

You can book a show in your city too and have your space covered with gig posters and art prints from floor to ceiling. We basically travel everywhere as long as the space fits a ton of people and a huge amount of great graphics.

You should have a space with solid walls (as long as they’re not made out of glass), preferred is some kind of hanging system or that we can hammer nails in the wall. You should have lights in place to illuminate the art proper. The place should be dry because paper and water isn’t a good combination, most of the times. We bring a ton of posters, some educational work that describes the process behind screen printing, Squeegee books that include most of the artists.

It's also possible to book a so called "Deluxe" package which includes how-to workshops: HowTo create your poster and/or HowTo screen-print your poster. Just drop us a line and we can see what fits your needs.

If you like to book a show in your holy halls please write us:

info at poster-o-rama.com



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