Mt. Vernon Middle School Courses

Required Courses

Every year at MVMS all students will take 4 required year long courses: ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each student will also take 1 semester of Wellness.

Elective Courses

Each year students have 3 semesters of elective courses. While we do our best to place students in their top choice, elective courses are not guaranteed.


Students have the option to take a music class if they choose. Band and Choir are both offered at MVMS. Both classes are a full year so students would have 1 additional elective course to choose.


6th, 7th, and 8th Grade

Choir is a year long elective. Members of the choir develop skills in vocal performance and teamwork. Students will learn how to read music as well as vocal techniques. The choir performs many different styles of music for concerts, community programs, and festivals. Requirements are a positive attitude and a willingness to participate daily. Concerts take place after school hours and are also required. (Generally one per quarter). Choir is a wonderful way to make friends and learn a skill that you will have for life!


6th, 7th, and 8th Grade

MVMS Band is for students who want to learn to play an instrument as a member of a group. Being in the band will teach students responsibility, creativity, teamwork and self-confidence all in a musical setting. Learning an instrument also increases coordination and provides many opportunities for achievement and success. There is no experience needed to be in the MVMS band...just a desire to work hard and experience new ventures in music.

Advanced PE

8th Grade

Advanced Physical Education will provide learning opportunities for students to further develop skills and knowledge related to fitness, physical competence, cognitive understanding and positive attitudes about physical activity that promote a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Students will acquire knowledge and skills in recreational, athletic and lifetime activities. The emphasis is on active participation, sportsmanship, teamwork, developing organization skills and supporting reading and writing across the curriculum.


6th, 7th, and 8th Grade

MVMS Visual Art is a continuation of what students have learned at the elementary level. With a basic knowledge of the elements of art (line, shape, form, space, color, value and texture), students can advance their skills and techniques and learn new ways to create.

6th graders usually have projects that are 2 dimensional, using a variety of media such as pencil, colored pencil, marker, paint, oil pastel, and chalk pastel.

7th graders usually have both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional projects. 7th graders may need more review of the elements of art if they haven’t had art since 5th grade. Projects focus on creating designs and compositions based on the elements and principles of design (balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm and unity).

8th graders who have art usually have taken at least one semester of art in middle school already. There may be a class of Year 1 students who have not had any art since elementary, and a Year 2 group of students who have had 1 or 2 years of middle school art. Their projects are both 2 and 3 dimensional and may include group sculptures. All projects focus on the elements and principles of art and developing well composed compositions.


7th Grade

In this course, Business and IT, you will learn about all of the aspects that make a business successful. You will create your own product, advertise for that product, and manage the company. You will take a close look at personal finance for such items as purchasing a car, a house, or college loans. You will also learn about technology such as the Google Suite, typing, and small amounts of coding.

Computer Science

6th Grade

In Computer Science 1, students are empowered to create and share content on their own web pages. They begin by thinking about the role of the web, and how it can be used as a medium for creative expression. As students develop their pages and begin to see themselves as programmers, they are encouraged to think critically about the impact of sharing information online and how to be more critical content consumers. They are also introduced to problem solving as it relates to programming, as they learn valuable skills such as debugging, commenting, and structure of language. At the conclusion of the unit, students compile their work to create a personal website they can publish and share.

7th or 8th Grade

In Computer Science 2, students build on their coding experience from Computer Science 1. In Interactive Games and Animations as they create programmatic images, animations, interactive art, and games. Starting off with simple, primitive shapes and building up to more sophisticated sprite-based games, students become familiar with the programming concepts and the design process computer scientists use daily. They then learn how these simpler constructs can be combined to create more complex programs. In the final project, students develop a personalized, interactive program. Along the way, they practice design, testing, and iteration, as they come to see that failure and debugging are an expected and valuable part of the programming process.


6th or 7th Grade

It is the aim of FACS courses that all students increase their ability to act responsibly and productively, work cooperatively, apply concepts of balancing school/work and family, create solutions to critical and emergent issues, utilize technology effectively in personal and family settings, and maintain healthy lifestyles. FACS education provides the bridge needed by all students to deal with life and career issues.


8th Grade

PCC, Preparing for College and Careers, addresses the knowledge, skills, and behaviors all students need to be prepared for success in college, career and life. The focus of this course is the impact of today’s choices on tomorrow’s possibilities. This course qualifies for high school credit.

Peer Buddies

7th or 8th Grade

Peer Buddies is a wonderful opportunity to open your minds and hearts to special education. This is a class where students will be able to support their same age peers In a special education setting. In this class you will be able to help students either in special classes, life skills classes, or academic tasks. Our goal is to create as much inclusion in Mt. Vernon as possible. So become a peer and join the #inclusionrevolution!

Project Lead the Way

8th Grade

PTLW is a class where communication, creativity, and a willingness to work collectively in groups is very important. Design and Modeling deals with real world problems and how solutions are made and presented. You discuss ideas, come up with solutions, design the solution, build the solution, test it, then make changes where necessary.


7th or 8th Grade

Take a deeper dive into the world of robotics. Build more detailed robots during the first 9 weeks. Then work on Engineering projects that may include programmable “toys”. This course is a project-based hands-on class.


6th Grade

The semester will be broken down into two 9-week sessions where you will work on STEM projects like catapults, building bridges, and towers. The 2nd 9-weeks you will assemble a robot out of our VEX IQ Robotics kit. You will learn how to assemble and drive the many robots that we will build. This course is a project-based hands-on class.


6th or 7th Grade

The focus of this course is transportation. We will focus on the four elements that make up transportation or more specifically the four modes: Land, Air, Water, and Space. We will do projects that focus on the different modes of transportation including building and launching rockets, and 3D printing.