Developing Community in an Inquiry Based Classroom Wilkes university - EDIM513 - INQUIRY BASED LEARNING


help develop links between content areas

  • projects
  • theme studies
  • literacy across the curriculum

Language Use

encourage the use of robust vocabulary

  • evolving
  • linked with ordinary experience
  • teacher excitement


collaboration (student-student and student-teacher)

  • in and beyond the classroom
  • drama
  • publishing
  • real audiences

Forums for communication

multiple modes

  • sharing ideas about teaching and learning
  • opportunity to develop literacy skills
  • multiple media and genres


answers the question, "Why do I need to learn this?" Provides Relevance

  • personal
  • shared with students and teacher
  • community
  • outcomes


use of many different resources for communication and evaluation

  • texts (variety of genres, topics, difficulty levels, student selected, authentic)
  • in the community
  • technology for meaningful purposes
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Esperanza Lopez


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