Donald trump will cause the U.S power to collapse

A sociologist that predicted the fall of the Soviet Union have told that "US global power is in a phase of accelerated decline under the leadership of Donald Trump and will go down while in the property of White House." Norwegian professor Jonah Gatun is known as the "founding father" of peace and studies as a scientific subject and is recognized for correctly predicting numerous historical events. Among them the Tienanmen Square uprising in China and the September 11 attacks. He attracted a lot of people in 2000 when he predicted "US global power would collapse by 2025," but under the Bush administration he rethought his prediction for the collapse to 2020.

Billionaire Tells Americans to Prepare For 'Financial Ruin'

The United States could soon become a large-scale Spain or Greece, teetering on the edge of financial ruin. That’s according to Donald Trump, who painted a very ugly picture of where this country is headed. Trump made the comments during a recent appearance on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. ”According to Trump, the United States is no longer a rich country. “When you’re not rich, you have to go out and borrow money. We’re borrowing from the Chinese and others. We’re up to $16 trillion in debt.”

Russia Is Preparing To Attack America

Two Russian warplanes flew simulated attack passes near a U.S. guided missile destroyer in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, the U.S. military said, with one official describing them as one of the most aggressive interactions in recent memory. The repeated flights by the Sukhoi SU-24 warplanes, which also flew near the ship a day earlier, were so close they created waves in the water, with 11 passes, the official said on Wednesday. Russia is making there plan to destroy the US. Since the attack on Syria Donald trump has angered a lot of people.

The video explains how the US is collapsing not only money wise but in Gerald. Trump has made decision that has put the US in jeopardy


For my visual presentation i choose to build the titanic ship sinking which represent the united states downfall with economic problem and other problem trump caused. The missile represent trump and they are heading to the ship to destroy it more. The boat is sinking in money which is the economy. the economic is planning to go down 50% and cause another great depression soon.


The Ship

As illustrated in my art peace, the ship represents what's going on with the United States right now. Ever since trump was elected the Untied States has been going down in economic problems and the United States has made enemies with our allies. The US is no longer a rich country. Trump has taken our money and used it for unnecessary decision by buying missiles to stop Syria from killing each other. In 1930 untied states went through a worldwide economic depression, it lasted from 1929 to 1939. Statistic are predicting that we'll go through another great depression worse than the one in the 1920's. The great depression will cause 15 million american to become unemployed and nearly half the banks to fail.


So the money represents the economic and down the down fall the US is going through. Money means everything to the united states so going through a crash in stock markets and banks is all b . Money pays for everything to help us live, without money we wouldn't be anything. In September 17,2008 the economy almost collapsed. everybody freaked out, riots started and people started to leave. On the front of today's $1 bill, you see the modern U.S. Treasury seal. The balancing scales represent justice. In the center of the seal, the chevron's 13 stars represent the 13 original colonies. The key underneath is an emblem of official authority. According to the Treasury Department, the original seal, which was very similar to the one shown here, was designed by Francis Hopkins, a delegate to the Continental Congress.


The missiles represent Donald trump because ever since he was elected as president the united state been on a down fall. trump has taken US money away from it. he has spent it all on vacation trips and missiles. Trump has spent six weekends -- and a total of 21 days -- at Mar-A-Lago, his private Palm Beach club. The total estimated costs for those trips are around $21.6 million. Obama, by contrast, spent just under $97 million on travel in his eight years as president. Trump's frequent weekend travel makes it all but certain the 45th President will surpass Obama's spending in his first term, likely within months. Not only does Trump travel frequently, but New York City officials have said it costs between $127,000 to $146,000 a day to protect first lady Melania Trump when she is in New York and the president is not there.


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