Fiji Nadia Dawkins

Population: 915,303 July 2016


Map of Fiji


Natural resources

Timber, Fish,Gold, and Hydro power

Land usage

agricultural land: 23.3% arable land 9%; permanent crops 4.7%; permanent pasture 9.6% forest: 55.7% other: 21% (2011 est.)

Environmental Issues

Deforestation; soil erosion


Parliamentary republic

In a parliamentary system, the legislature is the part of government that makes laws. The legislature also gives power to the executive (the part of government that enforces laws). This is the basic form of a parliamentary republic. The difference is how the legislature gets its power. The legislature is not chosen by a ruler or by birth. The people choose the legislature in an election. This means that the executive gets its power from the legislature, and the legislature gets its power from the people.


Market system

Agriculture products

Ginger, Cassava Sugar cane, Coconuts, Bananas


Trade: Exports

Total:$986.3 million (2016 est.)

$1.233 billion (2015 est.)


sugar, garments, gold, timber, fish, molasses, coconut oil, mineral water


13.4%, Australia 10.2%, Samoa 6.7%, Tonga 5.9% (2015)


Total: $2.397 billion (2016 est.)

$2.283 billion (2015 est.)


Manufactured goods, machinery and transport equipment, petroleum products, food, chemicals


China 16.2%, South Korea 15.7%, NZ 14%, Australia 13.4%, Singapore 8.7%, France 7% (2015)


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