The Husky's Howl Week 15- 12/10/18

The Students in Mrs. Freeman's class celebrate the end of their Reading Unit by sharing what they have become experts on with their first grade buddies.

Spirit Week Starts Monday

Friday, Principal and Secretaries of the day from third grade announced on Station K.I.D.S. that starting Monday we will have spirit week. The spirit week is the extra special treat students earned for going over the $18,000 jog-a-thon goal and we thought before break would be the perfect time to do it. Check out the fun days we have planned for next week's spirit week.

Sheepshank Sam: Lumber Jack Day

Friday, fourth graders were immersed in a day in the life of a Michigan Lumberjack. With Sheepshank Sam (whose grandfather was a real lumberjack) presenting, students learned about Michigan’s lumber industry of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

First Robotics Competition at Hill Last Saturday

Last Saturday Hill Elementary School hosted a Robotics Competition for the first time. Twenty-six teams participated in the competition. The building was filled with teams and their families excited to show off their robots and their skills. Robotics is a great opportunity for students to collaborate and apply math, science and engineering skills. For more information about the benefits for Robotics, please read the article below.

The the Circuit Breakers, one of Hill's very own robotics teams, competed in the competition. The team placed 25th out of 26 teams but worked very hard and learned a lot that will help them in future competitions. Check out these pictures from the competition.

The Benefits of Robotics

Robitics skills easily bleed into other STEM fields such as math and science and allow your child to grow a genuine interest in how the world works. Although these programs teach valuable skills and knowledge, children and teenagers easily become so caught up in the creativity and excitement, they don't even realize how much they are learning. Both parents and teachers will notice the strong benefits; many students experience dramatic grade improvements.

  • Discovering a new passion-Some students are unconsciously scared of subjects such as math or science. They may hear their friends complaining of hard tests or tricky concepts. Robotics clubs and education help show students that, although challenging, math and engineering skills are not scary. By giving students a fun, creative way to express common math and science principles, these daunting classroom subjects become much more welcoming. It's much easier to appreciate science when it's helping to power your robot!
  • Building Teamwork-Many robotic education programs use team clubs and challenges to help build camaraderie and promote excitement. These clubs sometimes host "robot wars" or team problem-solving challenges. Whether helping to create the perfect "battle bot" or working to find the answer to a tricky dilemma, your child will gain valuable team spirit. By learning to work with fellow students, communication and social skills gain a powerful boost.
  • Coding and Technological Communication-Computer coding and other tech-savvy communication skills are the foundations of a valuable robotics education. In a growing technologically advanced world, the skills your child learns at their robotics club give them a strong advantage in any computer-driven field. Although coding seems like a strange, foreign language, many fun, state-of-the-art programs simplify this new language into manageable, practical lessons for any child regardless of age or experience.
  • Increased Self-Confidence-By starting children in robotics programs at a young age, they will possess noticeable self-confidence in future math and science classes. Rather than growing to dread new STEM-based classes, children involved with robotics often look forward to these new opportunities. Some see these classes as extensions of their robotics clubs and activities. Self-confidence gained in elementary and high school stays with your child their whole life. This positive attitude will be a powerful stepping-stone into their college career.
  • After-School Involvement-Although some students struggle to stay out of mischief during and after school hours, a robotics program gives your child a safe and enjoyable activity to keep their attention. Staying active in a robotics club helps them feel productive while also keeping negative influences out of their sphere of contact. A robotics club isn't meant to be "empty" time or meaningless. Although the activities are designed to be fun, subliminal educational messages are still being encouraged.

Source: https://www.methodschools.org/blog/boosting-your-childs-stem-skills-with-robotics

A Study Buddy Can Make Learning Fun!

Sometimes, kids can learn better if they work with another student. Having a study buddy can be an effective way for students to master challenging material. Study buddies can help each other practice math facts. They can prepare for a class presentation. They can test each other to see what they know—and don’t know. Of course, without a bit of planning, a session with a study buddy can turn into nothing more than social time. Here are some tips to make a study session productive:

  • Commit to the purpose. Both students should agree that they are getting together to study math or social studies—not to play Fortnite or other games.
  • Choose someone responsible. Both students should be focused on learning.
  • Set a schedule. Your child and her buddy might meet at the library. Or they could take turns going to each other’s houses.
  • Set goals. Decide what is going to be covered during a session. Then stick to it!

Reprinted with permission from the December 2018 issue of Parents make the difference!® (Elementary School Edition) newsletter. Copyright © 2018

Hill Painting Project

The painting project is well underway! If you have visited Hill this week chances are you have noticed the transformation taking place in the hallways. The painters will continue to paint on the weekend and after hours only. They will paint the main hallway, hallways leading to the LGI and media center and the cafeteria. We are excited for the project to get started and look forward to the project being completed by the time we return to School in January.

Investing in the Learning of Pre-Kindergarten in Troy

We know that a high-quality preschool experience makes all the difference as children enter Kindergarten. That's why we are so excited to show you the progress on our new Troy School District preschool AND tell you about an important night where you can learn more.

In his week's WORLD CLASS WEDNESDAY SPOTLIGHT VIDEO, we give you a sneak peak at our new building and demonstrate what the "Troy Difference" means for our youngest learners (note--the building is even MORE complete then it was when we shot this video.)

If you have a child entering preschool, please make plans to attend our information night on January 15, where you can learn much more about the programs offered, how to enroll and what getting this "Best Start" could do for your child. Explore, Create, Connect at our Troy School District Preschool!

Incoming Kindergarteners

The Troy School District is beginning to identify Kindergarten students for the 2019-20 school year. If you have a child who will be five years old on or before September 1, 2019* please call the Hill office at (248) 823-3500 to get on our kindergarten list. We will be sending registration packets out in early January.

TSD Preschool Survey

A Dear ONE Troy,

We are busy preparing for the opening of our new Troy School District Preschool next fall and are looking for input from families with preschool age children. If you have children who will be entering preschool in the near future (or are currently enrolled in a preschool program,) we would appreciate you taking a moment to share your thoughts with us. Also, please share this survey link with any other parents who might be able to give input as well.

IMPORTANT: Save the Date If you are interested in our NEW Troy School District Preschool, plan to attend our Information Night for Parents on Tuesday, January 15 from 6-7 pm in the Troy High School auditorium. Details on this night and Early Bird Registration opportunities will be sent out very soon, but mark your calendar NOW!

Preschool parents, thank you again for taking the time to fill out this survey:

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Future Chef Competition

Sodexo will be hosting their annual Future Chef competition after school on March 6th at Athens High School.

This year’s theme is “Fiesta Fit – Mexican Food”. Students in grades 3-5 from all 12 Troy elementary schools are invited to submit their best healthy Mexican inspired recipe. The top 12 finalists will be invited to a culinary “cook-off” event at Athens on March 6th. We hope to have one student from each elementary school participating in this event, however if we do not have participation from all schools, or if the recipes do not meet the requirements, we may invite more than one student from a single school to equal a total of 12 finalists.

Recess and Weather Conditions

Children are expected to participate in the recess periods. Recess is an integral part of the school’s health program. Participation in vigorous play and exercise helps to develop fitness and is important to the development of strength and coordination. The opportunity to play outdoors increases work productivity during the day. This is also an excellent time for children to develop their social skills. If an unusual condition exists which allows a child to attend school but makes participation in outdoor recess inadvisable, a note is to be sent to the teacher who will make arrangements for supervision of the child during that time. These requests should be accompanied by a doctor’s note.

CHILDREN SHOULD COME TO SCHOOL PREPARED FOR OUTDOOR RECESS. A warm coat, a hat, gloves, and boots are essential during cold weather. Students should have these items daily in consideration of weather changes during the day. During inclement or very cold weather, the children will not have outdoor recess. When the temperature is above 15 degrees, recesses will be held outside, considering wind conditions. If the temperature falls below 15 degrees, the children will stay inside or may go outdoors for a shortened period of time. We traditionally call this an “indoor/outdoor recess.” Boots are essential in wet weather. Students will not be allowed off the blacktop during recess with wet conditions that are present without boots. It is a good idea to keep a spare pair of socks in your child’s backpack during wet conditions for student’s comfort

We are Still Collecting Fleece for MLK Day of Service Project in January


We need donations of 2.5 yards of fleece to make finished blankets of at least 4ft x 6ft. The width on fleece at fabric stores is just over 4 feet, so if donors buy 2.5 yards of fleece, that would be perfect. If you want to send in 5 yards or 10 yards or 20 yards, that is wonderful as well—the goal is to be able to cut into 2.5 yard increments. Each blanket consists of two pieces of fleece—usually one solid and one printed, but you are free to donate whatever you would like.

Remember, these blankets will be used by children, veterans and adult patients, so think about patterns that would appeal to any of those groups.

Troy Food Service is Hiring

The Troy Schools Food Service Department, which is contracted by the Sodexo Corporation, is seeking friendly people willing to fill various vacancies within the Food Service Department that are responsible for providing lunches to the students of the Troy School District. Not to worry if you haven’t had previous experience, as “on the job” training will be available!

Depending on the school, the hours would primarily be during the middle of the day, and would range from 3 to 4 hours a day. And you would be earning some extra money while your students are in school! Come join our Food Service Staff by calling 248-823-5089, or please email us at ngervais@troy.k12.mi.us. I look forward to hearing from you!

Gayle M. Moran, Director, General Manager, Sodexo Corporation

December Events

  • FRIDAY 12/21 - Sodexo Future Chefs recipe entry forms due
  • FRIDAY 12/21 - Yearbook cover contest submissions due
  • FRIDAY 12/21 - Last Day Before Winter Recess
  • MONDAY 12/24 - FRIDAY 1/4/19 - Winter Recess

Looking Ahead

  • MONDAY 1/7/19 - School Resumes
  • TUESDAY 1/15/19 - 6:00-7:00p - Preschool information night for parents at Troy High School Auditorium
  • MONDAY 1/21 - NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Day
  • WEDNESDAY 2/6 - K-12 Early Release - school dismissed at 12:39pm
  • MONDAY-TUESDAY 2/19-2/19 - No School - Mid-Winter recess
  • WEDNESDAY 2/27 - K-12 Early Release - school dismissed at 12:39pm

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

Shari Pawlus - Principal - Hill Elementary


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