What Is A Mammal?

Mammals are animals that are warm blooded, have a backbone, hair, and feed their young milk. Mammals include very large animals like the blue whale which can grow up to 100 feet long! Mammals also include very tiny animals like the hog nose bat. We are even mammals! There are over 4000 different species of mammals.

Mammals can live all over the world in many different climates. They can live in the artic like the polar bear, or the desert like the camel. Some mammals even live in the ocean like the bottlenose dolphin. Some mammals can fly like the bat.

Mammals can have really long hair or fur like the yak. Mammals can also have short hair like the dog!

Together as a class we will explore the National Geographic Kids website. This site has lots of animals to choose from, lets explore a few.


The elephant is a large mammal that lives in Africa, southern, and south-east Asia. They have long trunks that they use to breathe and lift things. What do you think makes an elephant a mammal?


Sloths live in tropical rainforests in central and South America. Sloths can sleep up to 20 hours a day! There are two main species of sloths. One species has two front claws, the other has three. Do you think the sloth is a mammal? Why is the sloth a mammal? How is the sloth different than a elephant? How are they the same?


Orcas are sometimes referred too as the wolves of the sea because they hunt and live in family packs called pods. Orcas live in oceans all around the world. Orcas can grow to be 23-32 feet long. Orcas breathe air through blowholes so they have to come to the surface every so often. Orcas give live birth to their young. The babies drink their mothers milk when they are young. Do you think the orca is a mammal?

Move like a mammal!

Lets think of some mammals that might live in Kansas. Animals like raccoons, deer, dogs, cats, and rabbits! Lastly let's all get out of our seats and move like a mammal with the video!

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