Pawnee Indians By: Callie, Emily, and Cassidy

The Pawnee Indians lived along the Platte River. The Pawnee were the most populous Indian tribe in Nebraska with about 10-12,000 by the 1800's. Along the way though, disease such as small pox cut their population in half. Despite this, the Pawnee lived the longest of all tribes in Nebraska.


The word Pawnee was derived from the word "parika" meaning horn. Girls would dress their hair in a horn shape with paint and fat. Weird!


They lived in permanent villages and built large earthlodges. Lots of Pawnee people had gardens, which could be as big as an acre.


The Pawnee were a very religious group. For example, one of their Diatees (God) is Tirawa, who is the creator of the universe.

Things the Pawnee ate:

elk, deer, bear, beaver, otter, raccoon, badger, squirrel, bison

Fun Fact!

The Pawnee used domesticated dogs to drag their stuff!

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