Smokefree Teen Resources Outreach Materials For WEB AND TEXT MESSAGING Resources


On this page, you will find social posts that can be used to promote Smokefree.gov's Smokefree Teen web resources, the quitSTART mobile app, and the SmokefreeTXT for Teens text messaging program.

Smokefree Teen helps teens stop using tobacco by providing information grounded in scientific evidence and offering free tools that meet teens where they are—on their mobile phones. The teen-targeted web content addresses issues like nicotine addiction, stress management, and the benefits of quitting early in life. Additionally, the Smokefree Teen website hosts a suite of content dedicated to helping teens quit vaping.

quitSTART is a free mobile app that offers 24/7 personalized quit smoking support to help smokers build the skills they need to quit for good. Users can tag their cravings by location and time of day and track their moods, smoking patterns, and money saved. This allows users to receive inspirational content, distractions from cravings, and information on how to successfully quit in times when they need it most.

SmokefreeTXT for Teens is a free, evidence-informed text message smoking cessation intervention designed for young adults (13-19 years old) across the US who want to quit smoking. The program sends users 3-5 text messages a day with information, encouragement, and actionable advice that will help them build the confidence and skills to quit for good. Upon enrollment, users can choose a quit date that works for them – the same day they sign up, up to 14 days in the future, or even a day in the past.

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Suggested Post: The only thing that should be smoking is your music. Cravings are temporary, so jam out to your favorite playlist and leave the cigarettes behind. Get more tips for staying smokefree: https://teen.smokefree.gov/become-smokefree?utm_source=spark&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=teen20

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Suggested post: When it comes to cravings, it’s important to be prepared. Add the quitSTART app to your quit kit and have games on hand for an instant, on-the-go distraction from cravings. Download it here: https://teen.smokefree.gov/become-smokefree/quitstart-app?utm_source=spark&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=teen20

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Suggested post: Smoking is one relationship you don’t need. Break up with cigarettes (yes, even over text) and start living a smokefree life. Find helpful tools and tips to help you become smokefree, like our SmokefreeTXT program, online: https://teen.smokefree.gov/become-smokefree/tools-for-quitting?utm_source=spark&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=teen20

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Suggested post: "I signed up for SmokefreeTXT. I was skeptical, but it actually helped me keep going." - Smokefree Jennifer. Text QUIT to 47848 to receive 3-5 messages each day with tips, advice, and encouragement to help you stay smokefree. Learn more: https://teen.smokefree.gov/become-smokefree/smokefreeteen-signup?utm_source=spark&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=teen20

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Suggested post: Quitting is hard, but SmokefreeTXT is here to help. Text SLIP, CRAVE, or MOOD to 47848 for free, on demand support. Learn more: https://teen.smokefree.gov/become-smokefree/smokefreeteen-signup?utm_source=spark&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=teen20

Shareable YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/vnrLiHcsZ2w

Suggested Tweet: It’s not easy to quit smoking, but with the support of loved ones, your doctor, and SmokefreeTXT, you’ve got this! Text QUIT to 47848 or sign up online: https://teen.smokefree.gov/become-smokefree/smokefreeteen-signup?utm_source=spark&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=teen20