Bristol F.2 Fighter By shea spaulding

My Topic is about the Bristol F.2 Fighter. It was important to the war efforts because it revolutionized the way air war fare was fought.

The plane, the pilot(far right) ,and the gunner(far left)

The Bristol F.2 Fighter was a British made biplane fighter and reconnaissance aircraft.The Bristol Aeroplane Company developed this aircraft its first appearance was on September 9,1916.Its top speed was around 123 mph .Its predciser the type 12 F.2A was a lot more clunker and tough to fly.The Bristol F.2 Fighter improved on this design and made a very efficient flying machine.Adding a .303 in (7mm) Lewis Gun mounted on the Scariff Ring(rear facing machine gun).That definitely helped in the air war efforts.

This plane said a lot about WWI .Manly that times have changed and that this plane revolutionized air warfare from the tri wing planes (3 wings)to this new faster two wing plane.This effected people in ways like there enemy's because this plane is a very deadly aircraft.And influenced other country's to start making more of these planes for the war.The country's that started designing planes like these were Afghanistan,Australia,Belgium,Bolivia,Canada,Honduras,Ireland,Greece,Mexico, New Zealand,Norway,Peru,Poland,Soviet Union,Kingdom of Spain,Sweden,Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and The United Kingdom.But many of those country's only had 1 to 4 of those styles and most of the country's retired the plane right after the war.

There has been multiple types of this plane like the type 15,type 16,and type 22 which all made minor improvements in every type.Which then lead America to start making types of there own like the type 14 F.2B and type 92A fighter Mk VI which made some more improvements in there own designs.

The legacy this plane left behind is amazing.It paved the way for future of air warfare.With this new design most of the airplane company's started designing more planes like this.It also changed the way pilots fought in future wars.

This was the plane that changed air warfare.

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