William Shakespeare

Synopsis/Overview; William Shakespeare is one of the worlds greatest play writers and poets. Shakespeare was born in England, in the town of Startford-on-Avon. He was born on April 23, 1564, and died April 23, 1616 at the age of 52. He became famous by his very descriptive and most love poems and plays. His most famous are Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macboth, and The Merchant of Venice.

There isn't much told about his childhood, but there is some. When Shakespeare was in grade school, he studied Latin and classical literature in grammar school. He wanted to grow up and be a writer. Shakespeare studied his hardest and he didn't actually want the fame he got. He didn't want to be wealthy. In 1585, he went to London to begin his appreciation for being an actor. Which means, he wanted to learn acting and writing.

Shakespeare spent a lot of his time training and educating himself. He would go to this theatre a lot to watch plays. When the theatre closed from June 1592 - April 1594 he hung out with this man named Henry Wriothesely. Wriothesely was an inspiration on some of his plays. In 1594, Shakespeare joined the Lord Chamberlain’s company of actors one of the most famous companies. In1599 Shakespeare joined a group of Chamberlain’s Men that would form a syndicate to build and operate a new playhouse. He learned more about drama when he started to write his plays.

William Shakespeare was a strong poet. He loved to write poetry. He was a string and excellent writer. Shakespeare wrote about 158 poems/sonnets in his lifetime. His most famous one is The Rape of Lucrece. This is about the legendary Lucretia.

Shakespeare didn't win any awards in his time, knowing because his time was quite early compared to ours. People these days tend to copy and change his plays and get awards from it. There is one modern day award he won called, "Lucille Lortel Award". He won it for Outstanding Revival.

His final achievement was his plays. Shakespeare is the greatest play writer in the world. His plays were and are famous and still alive to this day. He made 3 types of plays; Tragedy, Horror, and History. Those were his favorite types of plays and such. Shakespeare made a total of 38 plays. There's also told that he only published about 18, but we're not sure.

All in all, Shakespeare is one of the most lvoed play writers and poets. He's most loved for his 38 plays he's made. His achievements were play writing, poem writing, and awards. His childhood was dedicated to being a writer and actor. He educated himself to do so. Overall, if you believe in something you want, go ahead and reach for it like nobody's watching.


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