Where would you expect to find Ludwig Van Beethoven, Amelia Earhart, P.T. Barnum and Novak Djokovic...at the Anne Hutchinson Wax Museum of course!

Fourth-grade students immersed themselves in history, taking on the roles of historical and popular figures from the past and modern times. Each student read a biography, researched their character, created a poster board and on March 1, dressed up as their chosen figure.

The children stood silently in their classrooms waiting for fellow Anne Hutchinson students to tap a small round sticker that brought them to life.

“I am one of the greatest composers of all times. My music is full of strong emotions because I had a tough life,” said Beethoven – Markus Diamantis, “I started playing the piano when I was four years old.

Fourth-grade Teaching Assistant Maryrose Escaravage observed how the students took an idea and developed it. “When they go into character, they really do learn about the person they chose. They also learn about the other students’ choices.” “They take ownership of the project,” said teacher Jennifer Panico. “Shy kids become more confident, everyone is invested.”

Caitlin Johnson chose Amelia Earhart because the aviator showed persistence and bravery.

Anna O’Bryan researched Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor. “I was interested in knowing why she wanted to be a doctor and make people better. I enjoyed this project because you can explain why people helped others.”

Alana Shea loves to dance and researched Misty Copeland, the first African American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. Copeland exhibits the quality of perseverance.

Other students represented soccer players, scientists, inventors and musicians – learning more about history and life lessons.

Edited by: Grace Noone

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