Nurse ResGister NURSE

Job description

Helping people feel better when something wrong

Education requirements

Have to have a bachelors degree in college plus extra outside courses for nurse degree

Skills needed

Patience,respect,willing to be Adle to deal with blood

Experience required

Outside courses of college

Yearly pay

60,000 to start but can go up during the years

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages are that u can help people when sick and don't feel good the disadvantages are that u can maybe get sick from them and there are some aduse people that u have to deal with

Why you choose this career area

Because I love helping people feel better

Why do you think you would be a good fit in this career

Because I am outgoing and love new people

What attracts you the most in this career

That I get to be a part of what's wrong with the person

What are the concerns adout this career

That can get hurt and the money is going down


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