My name's Luisella and I teach English in a vocational secondary school in Pontedera, Tuscany. My students specialize in tourism, and that's a topic I love, because I'm really keen on traveling and getting to know new places and different cultures. In the last few years I've often swapped houses in the summer.

Lekeitio is a small village in the Basque country where I spent my last summer holidays with my family.

I teach at ITCG Fermi Pontedera, a vocational school where students can specialize in different fields, including accounting, marketing, international relations, tourism, farming, ICT and the building industry. In our school we carry out a lot of international projects. At the moment we have three Erasmus Projects going on: a KA1 Staff, a KA1 Vet Learners, a KA2 for schools. Check out our website and go to the Erasmus section, you'll find our Erasmus blog.

This is a photo of our school, which is the biggest one in the province of Pisa, Tuscany.

I'm really interested in CLIL, and I've worked on CLIL for several years now. Last year, I coordinated with my friend Alessandra a big CLIL project called "CLIL 4 ALL" and we published something like thirteen eBooks on CLIL using the platform ePubEditor. Check them out, they are for anyone to use! I particularly like this one, which is about marketing and advertising. It was hard work but really rewarding too!

And this is the QR code of our eBooks (the introductory book is in Italian, but go to page 8 and you'll find all the links to the different eBooks)

I'm an eTwinning ambassador too. I really think eTwinning is a great tool for lots of things, including professional development, finding partners, doing interesting activities with our students and last but not least doing CLIL. You can find me here, among the ambassadors of my region, Tuscany.

This year my CLIL activity is focusing on art, or better, to be honest with you, I'm so lucky to have a CLIL art teacher with me once a week in each of my three tourism classes. We are currently working on Dalì. The Accommodations of Desire is one of the paintings we are working on. I'm really enjoying it!

Another one of my interests is new technologies in teaching. Here is a blog I used for a very interesting MOOC I took part in a couple of years ago. It was a great experience.


In Mentimeter I've written the words CREATIVITY, CULTURE, DISCOVERY but the most used work in the tag cloud is INNOVATION, which is of course not a surprise. The one below is my very simple try at Sketch :-).

My first try at Sketch.
My favorite activity in Week 1 was "How CLIL are you?" because not only do you evaluate your own level, but you can also find ideas to improve your teaching. I got the green light, with more than 100 points!

The activity I didn't like? The Voice Thread one, because I didn't understand how to record my voice, it simply didn't work. :-(

And here it is, my badge for Week 1!


My Favourite Web Tools are blogs: project blogs, class blogs, teacher blogs. Here is one of my class blogs about English for Tourism. A blog can be used in different ways, for instance the students can be authors, so they can write posts, or they can just be in the audience, and in that case they can interact through the comments (and this is very interesting too). This is one of my project blogs where the students acted as authors: Promoting Tourism in Tuscany.

And here is my badge for Week 2!


I know Learning Designer, and this is one of my lesson plans
And here we are, visiting the exhibition!

Above, the link to my Learning Designer for this course, it's about Surrealism and Dalì, because this is one of the CLIL topics I'm working on with my colleague Irene, the art teacher. It's not a lesson, it's a full module, which we have carried out with our 13th graders between the months of December and January, before visiting the Dalì exhibition at Palazzo Blu, in Pisa. The Peer Review Rubric is really good, I think it is the most interesting part of this week's work, together with the learning materials. Below, you can find the 5 questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Is the Lesson Plan complete?
  2. Is the lesson plan well aligned with its learning outcomes?
  3. Is the Lesson Plan well balanced?
  4. Does the lesson plan include learning activities specifically designed to develop students’ collaborative learning skills?
  5. Does the lesson plan incorporate appropriate assessment activities and tools to assess students’ collaborative learning?
But the Wiki is the real nightmare!


I love Week 4, it's all about ER (no, we are not going to meet a handsome doctor, ER stands for Extensive Reading, and looks really interesting). I've decided to start an ER reading project in one of my classes. The resources of this week are really interesting, my favourite one is the Extensive Reading Guide. This article is really interesting too and the website of the Extensive Reading Foundation is also a good resource. I've tried the Extensive Reading Placement Test and I found it really useful. And yes, extensive reading is all about reading for pleasure, so make sure the students choose easy books, that they can read without having to use a dictionary. I think asking the students to created a short video using Powtoon is a good way of getting some feedback from them.


So challenging. This is a hard week, because all my "ticks" of Week 2 have disappeaed, and making a video is not that easy. But in the end I make it, and it's about my CLIL project about marketing and advertising, which I carried out last year.

But this week I've also learned how to use Google Sites New.... so ... stay tuned!


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