Amaan Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh was a writerHe was born in 1554 Hayes burton near budleign salteron Devon England-died October 29 1618.

Historians believe Walter Raleigh was born in 1552, or possibly 1554, and grew up in a farmhouse near the village of East Budleigh in Devon. The youngest of five sons born to Catherine Champermowne in two successive marriages, his father, Walter Raleigh, was his mother’s second husband

Walter Raleigh was an English aristocrat, writer and explorer. He is best known for establishing an early colony in the New World and for bringing tobacco back to England.

Raleigh is also known for his chivalry. On one occasion he is said to have put his cloak on the ground so that the Queen Elizabeth I did not have to step in muddy puddles.

He was born in Devon in about 1553, although little is known about his early life. Because he fought well in Ireland, Queen Elizabeth I trusted him with the colonizing of America.

1552 Short Biography of Sir Walter Raleigh

Date of Birth: Born in 1552

Place of Birth : Hayes Barton in Devonshire, England

Parents: Father - Walter Raleigh

Mother: Katherine Gilbert (née Champernowne)

Background Facts, Information & Ancestry : From a Protestant family. His half brother was the famous explorer Sir Humphrey Gilbert. He was also related to Sir Richard Grenville and Sir Francis Drake

1552 Date of actual birth is unknown. He was born in Hayes Barton in East Budleigh, Devonshire, England. He was initially educated by a home tutor

1567 The young Raleigh joined a troop of a hundred horse, raised by a family member called the Compte de Montgomerie

1572 August 24: He witnesses the St Bartholomew's Day massacre where French Protestants were massacred by French Catholics in Paris

1574 Attended Oriel College, Oxford

1575 Became a member of the Middle Temple

1578 Walter Raleigh sails with his half brother, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, to America

poet, Tudor Courtier and adventurer.

Sir Walter Raleigh was born in 1554 in Devon. He was a handsome man with dark brown hair and was one of Elizabeth I's favourite courtiers. He was also a poet and a fearless soldier.

He led many expeditions to America and introduced tobacco and the potato into England. He chose the name of the first English colony in America. He named it Virginia after Queen Elizabeth.

A peom that is from sir Walter Raleigh


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