Rugby Sports Report By warren cole

Origin of Rugby

Rugby football

Many believe rugby was invented in 1823 around the time of William Webb Ellis. Many don't know if this is true though. Rugby also dates back to as early as the 10th century in ancient England.

The First known rugby club was known to be at Cambridge University in 183. 

in 1845 rugby established first written rules. 

Rules of Rugby

Two 40 minute halves

A try is when the opponent places the ball behind the goal. 5 points are awarded. 

40 meter long field and 70 meters wide. 10 meter dead ball area. 

Rugby Workouts

Rugby players do intense weight room workouts.

The do low sets but high reps with a lot of weight. 

The mainly focus on arms and legs getting bigger. 

Famous Rugby Players

Jonny Wilkinson is one of the best rugby players in modern era.

Jpnah Lomu is the greatest rugby player in the would as well as in New Zealand.

Martin Johnson is the second best player in the world as well as the best in England. 


Rugby Equipment consists of a collared shirt, shorts, jock straps, compression shirts, rugby socks, and boots with studs. 

Padded rugby helmets are also worn but by decision.

The collared shirt must be worn. 

How to play rugby

The ball is kicked to start the game. it is called the kickoff. 

The ball can not go over the boundary lines.

You can either pass, kick, or ground the ball to score although you get more points for grounding. 

Good Teams

New Zealand is ranked first of all time best rugby teams. 

England falls behind New Zealand as second of all time. 

Australia comes in at third of all time best ruby teams.

Worst rugby teams

American Samoa is ranked 101 and is known as the worst rugby team. 

Vanuatu is ranked 100 and is descending to the bottom to soon be the worst rugby team. 

Greece where the ancient Olympics started is ranked at 99.

Women Rugby

Women rugby became a think in 1972 in Colorado. 

In 1975 women had their own board of administration for rugby. 

In 1991 the first women was elected to serve on the board of directors. 

Good Women Rugby Teams

Leinster is ranked at number one in women rugby teams. 

A team named The Crusaders are ranked in at number 2 of the top ranked women teams. 

Waikato Chiefs are in third behind The Crusaders. 

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