My legacy By: ninete Alvarado

The Magic of Curology, I use to always have clear skin. Sometime a pimple would come up once in awhile but the next day or two it be gone. But the ending of sophomore year my acne started to get super bad. And I mean where my face was full of pimples. I tried everything! I went from Clean & Clear, to Neutrogena, to Mary Kay products, to Proactive, to creams my grandma would give me, to my grandmas recited cream. NOTHING worked! I was even looking up on YouTube for solutions! One day searching on YouTube for a solution, I came across a video where the girl had much more acne than I did and this product had worked for her. So I decided to ask my parents to see what they thought, and they said yes. But honestly I think the only reason they said yes was because they noticed I was getting super frustrated with this whole acne thing, and they were getting tired of buying stuff that wouldn't even work for me. And this cream was the final try, and it worked for me. My progression from then to now makes me so happy and so much more confident.
Being a part of Homecoming Court was an amazing feeling. Just the thought of being crowned sounds like an amazing feeling. Like your school picked you to be their Homecoming King and Queen. Everyone that was trying to be apart of Homecoming court was snap chatting all of their friends to vote for them and posting it on their social media. I had always fantasized of being apart of something like that. As I was watching the media full of these and receiving snapchats from them to vote for them. I was kind of wanting to make my fantasy come true. But I wasn't sure if really wanted to do. So then I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to do it and he said yes, so we started to do the same as the others. Like every other competition there was drama going on. People were taking others ID’s and stealing their vote. It was a pretty tough competition because those couples were really cute as well and well known too. Unfortunately, my boyfriend and I did not win. But even though we were not picked it was still a fun experience.
My first time arguing with a teacher, I had never raised my voice to a teacher. I had seen other kids do it and saw it as very rude and immature. But I hate being accused of lying. And that teacher was accusing me of it. My teacher for American History had asked us to get into our groups of four and go over the homework we had last night. So we did as she said, it was my colleagues turn to share. But everyone was talking so much louder than her I could not understand what she was saying. I asked her if I could read her paper because I did not want to ask her to repeat because I figured she wouldn’t speak up. Once I was done I set the paper back down and added some points that she had to mine, because that is what the teacher wanted us to do. As the teacher was walking around she saw that I was writing and the girls paper was still facing me. The teacher said, “Why are you copying? This is group time to talk not to copy.” I told her I was not copying, that we had talked about it and I was adding more to mine. And she said, with attitude, “No I just saw you copy.” Since she had given me attitude and she had accused me of lying I got mad and raised my voice telling her I did not copy. And yet she still repeated to me that I was copying so I as well repeated to her even louder that I had not copied. Afterwards she didn’t say a word and walked away. Since that day she would give my writing for the exams a, C. When I had received an A on the first writing. Every single one after that day was a, C. Till this day I strongly dislike her.
I had never been in a soccer team in my life. But I have always wanted to. I just never found the courage to actually get my lazy butt up and sign up for one. I would always play with my family outside in the backyard. Once I started high school, the soccer team always popped up to mind and I had heard that freshman always get accepted because freshman's are always trying to find out what they fit into. So I convinced myself to wake up at 4 am and try out. It was nice being able to experience what tryouts are and how they work. And I made the team! It was a great year of soccer. Although we didn't win many games, I got to experience the feeling of my first goal ever! And got to lose weight and get in shape. As well as making new friends and have my very first coach.
Finding my true love, I know what you are thinking, true love? in high school? I know but honestly sometimes it does feel like it is. I met him in middle school, we were locker buddies, but never really had a conversation. Until one of my close friends, Emilio, gave him my snapchat username. The summer before sophomore year I received a friend request from “durancindy8”, I knew who it was so I accepted it. I was wondering how he got my username but I didn't think much of it. I do not really talk to all my snapchat friends so I thought he just wanted to be friends on snapchat. But then I did receive a snap from him. We started talking and I asked how he got my username and of course it had to be Emilio. After a while he told me he liked me, but I had got out of a relationship not too long ago so I was not ready for anything. But that did not stop him, he told me it was okay and went on with our conversation. Time passes and he tells me again that he still had feelings for me but I still was just not ready. Then more time passes and he tells me again, and again I was not ready. But after sometime I began to have feelings for him and was ready. We started to hang out and school started and everytime he’d see me he’d stop me to say hi or talk. I liked the fact that he did not give up. Then more time passed and we became official, it’s been 2 years and 3 months together. There has been a couple bumps on the road but we get through them not like others where they argue one time and give up.
It may sound weird but I did not like how I looked in sweats. I was comfortable wearing them at home but not in public. I think the reason being was because at this stage I had low self esteem. I thought I looked fat and did not like how I looked super lazy. I liked to look well dressed. But in high school almost everybody wears sweats and not a day goes by that I do not see someone wearing sweats. Seeing so many people wear sweats and not caring, gave me courage to do the same and now I do not care. I do not care if I look super lazy. And now I realized that I do not look fat, and if I do, who cares.
I love to dance. I always find the time to watch choreography on YouTube. Especially from WOD: World of Dance. They have the best dancers. World of Dance is a group of professional hip hop dancers. They host a dance competition for anyone to participate every year. And just last year they came to Chicago, and I was able to go. It was as if I were to be in paradise. There was the stage where everyone performed and then some of the professional dancers were there and had some spot light time. Then there was a place to take pictures. Another place to buy some of their merchandise. And my favorite the upstairs where they hosted freestyling. Anybody was able to sign up and freestyle. Four people were called up each round, and they’d play a song and one at a time each one shared their moves. Then at the end of the round who ever received the most claps won. Being able to see and experience all that was so, I can’t even explain how I felt because the love I have for the art of dance is so beyond that seeing WOD was unbelievable.
Starting college earlier, I received a letter saying that I could have the opportunity to begin college early. My parents and I thought it was a great opportunity. I began the process of trying to get into the program. It began with a 500 word essay, and a reading test. And i accomplished to get in. This experience has given me an idea of how college will be and what to expect. It has been tough at points but I haven't given up. Not only has this program given me the chance to experience college but also save money and have the chance to finish college earlier than expected.

This high school experience has allowed me to grow and live some of the best moments of my life. Being able to grow in my self esteem, standing up for myself, getting the chance to achieve my goals quicker and making fantasies come true. My self esteem grew from the challenges I had to fight with my acne and wearing sweatpants. I finally decided to stand up for myself when the teacher accused me of lying. I got the chance to achieve my goals quicker with the program of early college. I got to make my fantasies come true by being able to be apart of homecoming court. As well as being able to live the best moment of my life: going to WOD, scoring my first goal, and finding my love, Jorge Duran.

I read a Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown. But I only read a piece of it. But from that piece I learned how she wrote. She used the colon a lot to jump right into the explanation of somethings. I really likes it because the word “because” was not used. As well extra words were not needed, it just cut to the chase. I really liked the little that I read. I really pulled into the book. From the start it pulls you in with her story. She lived a pretty harsh childhood. From her mother dying in her arms to having to leave her father and uncle and going with her biological father. Which then left them with a foster family. He only wanted them for their money but once he found out that he was not going to be able to receive the money he threw them away. It is a really hitting book.


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