Steve Jobs Michael neal

Jobs was born February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. He had one sister and grew up in Germantown, Wisconsin. Jobs attended Reed College but soon dropped out because his parents could not afford to pay it.

In 1974, Steve Wozniak designed a version of the game, Pong. Steve Jobs took the game to Atari and after Atari thought Jobs made the game, they offered him a technician job. Jobs and Wozniak developed the Apple Computer in the garage of Job's home in California.

Some struggles that Steve Jobs faced include not having a close relationship with his parents. He was adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs. Another struggle was the introduction of the Apple Computer. He often kept meetings running until midnight and scheduled new ones at 7:00 am. This led to his removal from the managerial position.

Steve Jobs empowered his employees by being courageous. No matter the struggles he faced, he always was searching for the solution. He would always show them the way. He would set high goals then explain the path needed to reach those goals.

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