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This is the continent that Mexico is in.

Physical Characteristics

this is the lines of longitude and latitude of Mexico. Its coordinates are 19° to 30 ° w and 80°to 120° n.
This is the temperature zones.
Here is a river in Mexico.
Here is mountain in Mexico.
Mexico boarders Gulf of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Baja California.


Mexico is the 2nd largest country in th world it classifies as the 2nd largest country. It has 119 million people on it, it is a large country.

Mexico's average population density is 158 people square mile.

Mexico is a average growth rate the % is 1.15%. It's fertility rate is 2.25 children per woman.

Mexico's 5 largest city's: #1, Mexico City with 8.919 million people, #2, Tijuana with 1.697 people, #3, Ecatepec with 1.656 million people, #4, Guadal Ajara with 1.495 million people, #5, Puebla with 1.54 million people.

Mexico is an urban country.

Mexico has -1.64 migrants/1,000 people of the population, more people are leaving cause they have negative amount of migrants.


Mexico is a Developing country cause the GDP per capita is only $15,600 and a developed country has at least $30,000 GDP per capita. Also it is developing cause the literacy rate is low. For it to be a developed country the literacy rate has to be at least 98% or 99%. Literacy rate and Mexico only has a literacy rate of 93.5%. Also the life expectancy has to be at least 78 years and mexico has a life expectancy of 75.43 years. So their life expectancy is below average or what it should be.


The main language that is spoken in mexico is Spanish. The main religion in mexico is roman catholic.

Some extra information is that in Mexico they play sports. Some of the sports are Mexican football, bullfighting, charraria, they also wrestle, they box, they play soccer, they also surf in Mexico. Some more extra information is that there are famous land marks here they are. Acapulco, Calakmul, hitzain, coba, xel-ha park, cooper canyon, Uxmal, Taxco, Palenque. Also there are many more.


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