Mission Statement By Alex Kendall

  • I believe that I can be a strong, passionate human who can do whatever I set my mind to. It may be hard and take a lot of energy but i'm a headstrong and hard working person who can do anything. My family and friends had an impact on the mindset I have.
  • My family and friends had an impact on the mindset I have. My mom always tells me i'm smart and beautiful who can see the positive and negative sides of situations. My dad always has a way of looking at me in a way that I know that in his mind he’s thinking how wonderful and beautiful his little girl is. Of course, My siblings always help me see things in new ways and work for what I want.
  • Not only my family but my pet can always make me work harder to be good. I know even if she can't talk that she believes in me and everything I do!
  • And lastly, My friends like Mora, Ken and, Shaelyn always see the best in me and believe that I can achieve my goals.
  • And with all of their help I have thought to believe that my mission statement should be that I can do anything I believe in because I am me and that's all I need.

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