Reach For The Stars November 2020 Newsletter By: K&C

November Newsletter!

Letter from the CEO

RFTS charity was founded by Kira Reid and I in June of 2020. Our goal was to expand to as many people in-need as possible while also sharing knowledge of space. People often ask us “Why Space and food?” It might seem like an interesting combination to many, but to us, it is quite simple and beautifully unique. 1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger and 1 in 5 children live below the federal poverty line. This could be your child’s best friend, your neighbors, your co-worker or even someone in your family that is too worried to ask for help. Not only is hunger in the households of every county in America, but then there is homelessness. In Pima County alone, there are 2,100 individuals living on the streets (on record). This could be due to a job loss, eviction, illness, or even domestic abuse. The point in all of this is that each one of these situations can cause anxiety, stress and even addiction. Reach For The Stars wanted to offer the community food, hygiene and something else…. An opportunity to have a moment of peace, wonder and joy. That is where our space exploration comes in. It allows the community, our clients and their children to take a moment, forget about the days struggles and Reach For The Stars.


  1. We are now IRS approved & any donation since 26Aug2020 can be written off on your taxes. Please email for a receipt! RFTStarsorg@gmail.com
  2. Shout out: Thank you to everyone who has supported us! We might be small, but we are mighty and steam rolling ahead. RFTS has gone from 21 clients to over 400 clients in just 6 months!!
  3. Join Our Galaxy: Reach For The Stars now has a monthly membership! $25/month to be a RFTS VIP Click here for more information: Better Unite Membership Website
  4. Website: RFTS charity is happy to have launched a CHARITY GIFT SHOP. 100% of the purchase price will help fund our three vital programs. To view: go to www.rftstars.com/shop or click here
Our friends at the Vail Coffee Stop

We had our first partnered event with Vail Coffee Stop!

Thank you to Vail Coffee Stop for having us! We were right between the tracks, but the light pollution wasn't an issue & everyone had a great time looking at the nights sky (especially the kids!). This location will be a fun spot for gathering in the heart of Vail. Tell us how you thought it went!

What's been happening with the 3 programs?

#1 - Our Food Program

RFTS Arizona Nonprofit (fully approved) has provided over 21,546 meals to families & the homeless community in Vail & the surrounding areas during November alone! This includes providing nearly 100 thanksgiving food bags to families & homeless individuals in-need (with the help of volunteers & help of St. Rita's Church in the Desert!). 🦃

The majority of RFTS clients pick up their food from our home via appointment, however there are some clients that are considered homebound. This is case-by-case, but it does happen. One of the reasons people have food insecurity is due to not being able to actually access food: meaning no transportation (friends or family), a severe illness, or they are not within walking distance or near a bus route.

Over Thanksgiving RFTS was blessed with 7 kind volunteers who delivered food bags and turkeys to these individuals. 19 homebound individuals received a Thanksgiving meal (some also received pet food) that otherwise would not have had a meal. Each one of you is appreciated!

“Without you I wouldn't have a Thanksgiving or food for my fur babies. I haven’t had a Thanksgiving in a long time because I was homeless and struggling to take care of me and the kids. So believe me when I say you are a blessing and the stars thing you do is so cool! Again thank you! You are angel’s” (Client, with 2 beautiful dogs)

Stars For Meals

Every $0.90 will pay for an entire MEAL for an individual and we serve over 13,000 meals/month on average (using private donations, purchases and local donations). Every $1 helps tremendously as this is our largest and fastest growing need. This month we raised $2,143 (that’s almost 2,381 meals). To give to this program please go to the bottom to donate. Your Initials will be placed on our "Star Wall" that watches over our food supply!

We are both so shocked by the community support. Everyday we think "How are we going to keep up?" and then we get a donation through Amazon, or a email saying "we have a donation" or someone offers support. YOU ARE ALL SO AMAZING! Thank you so much for your kindness, generosity, time, money, and food. These individuals you are helping, ARE TRULY GRATEFUL! Even telescopes get donated to us and we get to pay it forward! It's amazing.

#2 - Homeless Outreach Program

Swapping Trashbags For Backpacks

Are we welcoming?

RFTS has received over 100 blankets! (and more coming in)!! 83 of those have been distributed to individuals sleeping under the stars. Just wow!

This month RFTS raised $30 ($5 of that was given by a sweet 3 year old!) towards a solar panel for a homeless group that has to charge their phones at Walmart. Their story touched our heart. They are living on a women’s property (approved) and have a camp set up. However they have no way of using electricity, so they use solar panels, but they only had 2 to charge phones, lamps, grills etc. So they go to a nearby Walmart to charge their battery packs every day and it's a couple mile hike, but they say some of the employees are not so welcoming. Another homeless man says the same thing (about the community not being so "welcoming").

"The only place that will allow us to go inside to charge anything is McDonalds. People and businesses are not always inviting, especially with COVID.” (Homeless soul, who still needs to live)

If anyone has any flashlights or solar panels to donate, please reach out, they are in high demand.


Thank you St Rita's Team!! - RFTS Team

Here are some of the families who received a basket of thanksgiving food!

Thank you to everyone who put food in bellies and smiles on faces this Holiday!

#3 - Monthly Star Party Program

“I've always been curious about space but since I met you guys I look up a-lot more with amazement. Last night I just couldn't stop staring at the moon. It was just so beautiful.” (Client)
"He counts the stars and calls them all by name" Psalm 147:4

This month RFTS hosted our very first Star Party with the Vail Coffee Stop! It was cloudy and pouring rain at first, but don't underestimate the Arizona weather. It cleared up and ended up being a wonderful event. There were about 50 attendees (intermittently), and we raised $135 towards RFTS charity programs and collected over 28 lbs of non-perishable food & hygiene.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated money and goods to us. It was so much fun to team up with the Vail Coffee Stop and meet with all of you!

RFTS is proud to announce its partnership with Vail Coffee Stop. RFTS will be hosting its next Star Party on 4Dec2020 at 5:30pm between the Tracks in Vail at the Vail Coffee Stop. Just type it into google maps!

Come learn, listen, share and enjoy the night sky with your community!

"The Future Lies with Today's Youth & Tomorrows Space Exploration"

With the help of YOU we raised (to date) $900. In November RFTS gifted 2 telescopes- impacting an autistic child with a beautiful soul & a brilliant mind, as well as a mother with 3 children. In total RFTS has gifted 9 families with telescopes impacting 35 children and 17 adults.

If you would like to help us continue to spread hope and inspire our youth, then this program is for you! Please click the button below to jump to our website donation page.

Here are some of the wonderful people we gifted a telescope to. Now imagine how much fun a child (and adult) can have seeing Saturn's rings or Jupiter's moons!

Spreading joy and inspiration is one of our missions and thanks to everyone who donates to the Amplified Silence (AS) telescope program, it's WORKING. Spreading smiles and hope across the galaxy.

"We are all STARS, and we all deserve to TWINKLE"
"There is no other place in the world like RFTS. I can't thank you enough. Never would I have been able to get a telescope for my son before Christmas, especially for free. Bless your hearts!" - Telescope parent winner


Congratulations Jaydee! Your photo (shown below) is all around creativity. Jaydee won the picture of the month! He is a freshman in High School and a straight-A student. Jaydee is always asking to volunteer his time, kind heart and kindness to the community. When we received this picture, we immediately saw creativity, love and space. All of which Reach For The Stars was built upon.

Check out the other pictures below, to see some other fun entries! And thank you all for participating and don't forget to submit your image to be featured in our next newsletter & to win a prize!

Other Monthly Image entries...

Get your creativity rolling (like these awesome entries!). It is hard for us to pick just 1 picture each month, but who knows, you could be the lucky winner! Rules: Must relate to space in some way (any way). Pretty simple.

RFTS Financials

Found at www.RFTStars.com

What we need & how to donate?

Food Pantry: Cold & pantry food items, snacks, canned food, boxed meals etc.

Homeless Outreach: Backpacks, mini hygiene, small foods, blankets, beanies, gloves & long johns

Star Party: Telescopes to use at Star Parties, Eyepieces, small telescopes for kids/teens, flashlights, portable power stations/batteries, folding tables, chairs, rope lights, future scholarship donation money for inbound college students (STEM degree), donations for upkeep on equipment, tripods etc.

If you prefer to donate monetarily/money, 100% gets split between the 3 charity programs unless you specify a specific program:

Zelle: RFTstarsorg@gmail.com PayPal: RFTstarsorg@gmail.com CashApp: $RFTstars Check: Payable to: Reach For The Stars 10895 S Arrowhead Spring Drive Vail, AZ 85641

**contact us for a receipt if you donate online**

Also, below is our Amazon Food Program & Homeless Outreach Wish List (feel free to add things you think are good to have (Please add RFTS to your Amazon Smile):



Current Company Supporters/Partners

As each month ends, RFTS reflects on the words of those that have been affected in a positive way by these programs. EVERY person sends a heartfelt THANK YOU, and will remember the time when they were desperate, and someone came.
Thank you Jenny Motzkin!
Thank you Pinal Fire & Medical District!
Thank you Curtis!
Thank you Vail Coffee Stop Family!
Thank you Regina!
Thank you Mark!
Thank you to ALL the private donors, we cannot do this without you all!
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End - November 2020 Newsletter

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