National 7th Graders day February 15

A National holiday I think should be celebrated is National 7th graders day. In school we have to obey the rules and follow directions, but sometimes it can all get out on our heads and make us frustrated. A holiday for 7th graders would also be a day off for 7th grade teachers cause then they'll have nobody to teach on that day. Students on this day should get an all expense paid trip to exotic locations like Disney World

1. 7th Graders should only receive three to five sets of assignments per week lasting forty-five to seventh-five minutes per set, but teachers may end up over doing that

2. Staying seated for long periods of time has major drawbacks on students.

3.Teachers take coffee/lunch/resting break, but not us (except the lunch break we have that).

4. A seventh grader is normally assigned 70 minutes of homework from school.

5. When we're assigned too much homework it causes us to stress

6. More than 3 1/2 hours of homework risks higher stress level.

7. We have to wake up very early in the morning for school which can interfear with us.

8. 7th grade is so difficult that it's usually called "The Worst Year Ever".

9. People don't act like themselves at school and don't get along socially.

10. Most of the topics in 7th grade makes us pull out our hair.

Those are the reasons why I think that National 7th graders Day should be a real holiday.

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