Compass By Brandon Shiffman

Compasses determine direction based on the Earth's magnetic pull. A compass is crutial for explorers to this day. Without compasses, the Europeans may never have discovered the America's. Could you imagine going on a ship and not knowing which direction you were going?

The compass is the primary device for navigating and direction finding. It was discovered by twelfth century marainers from China and Greece. This wonder-device comes in different forms but the sciences of it remains the same to this day.

You might know a more modern version of the compass. This product is known as a gyroscope.

Did you know it costs the us $1.03 billion to launch a GPS satellite to space
The compass has made exploring easy and was so crutial for the spainish expedition and discovery of the new world.

The compass has impacted the population of the America's because they helped the Europeans get to the America's. Also compasses have been impacted by technology because they keep getting more advanced which has led to products like GPS.

Do you think the Spanish would've still found the America's without compasses? Or did compasses change history.


Encyclopedia Britannica

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