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Distinguished Senses

Today I sit in the office, intent on writing about my upcoming solo show in Carmel, CA. The gray drizzly day perfect for a contemplative moment on the computer. Yet, I am easily distracted. Ideas spring forth, only to float away. Our Aussie Dog, Melky, barks at the busy squirrels in the backyard, disrupting my fleeting thoughts. Much like the constant spin and chaos of our busy lives.

And yet, I sit here happy. Happy for the moisture that bathes the plants. Happy for Melky as she keeps our yard safe from the invaders. I can feel the cool wetness on the leaves, sense the smell of fresh air, and hear the mirth in Melky's bark through the window pane.

Not unlike a picture frame through which you find a beautiful landscape or portrait. All senses captivated by rich color, and sensitive textures, edited by an artist's tastes and expressive marks.

Visual poetry, if you will.

Please join us in Carmel CA for our opening reception, August 4, from 12-3PM.

VISUAL POETRY- The Art of Kim Lordier

Dolores between 5th and 6th in Su Vecino Court

Carmel CA 93921

(831) 620-0530

Scroll down for a virtual taste of my show "Visual Poetry" and mark your calendar for the opening reception August 4th, from 12-3pm at James J. Rieser Fine Art in Carmel CA.

Alone Lies the Way

While the confluence of commuters cruise the highway, alone stands history beside a dirt road. Breaking sun through dense oak, shadows recede and feed my soul.

Just south of Gilroy, CA on the west side of highway 101 this little gem sits. A reminder to me of strength and grace in a moment of solitude.

Alone Lies the Way 20x24 Pastel on Archival Board
Top: Refreshing 10x12 Pastel, Bottom Left: Dragonfly in the Sun 9x12 Pastel, Bottom Right: Jazzy Notes 11x11 Pastel

Strikingly Rich

The moment was glorious as the morning sun slipped through high cloud cover, turning rich, fertile soil to fire. Dry grasses like sparklers in a gentle breeze. Air perfumed with freshly tilled earth.

Strikingly Rich Along Old Monterey Road 16x24 Pastel on Archival Board

Granite Walls and Rushing Falls

Winter graces Yosemite's granite walls and velvet meadows with lacy white veils, presenting icy diamonds to the River of Mercy as she threads through the valley floor.

A gift of time spent within the grand halls, my feet planted strong, while Mother Nature tints the world for my easel.

Top Left: Winter Blanket 9x12 Pastel, Top Right: Many Moons Rise and Fall 12x9 Pastel Bottom: Cathedral Rocks 11x14 Pastel

Spirit of the Puffing Wind

The Awahneechee speak of the Po-ho-no, or Spirit of the Puffing Wind, a capricious wind that blows a gossamer veil of water across the granite walls of Bridalveil Fall.

On this winter day, Po-ho-no was quiet while the Merced River sparkled and black oaks glistened in the sun. The ice and snow creating a lacy web up the cliff faces.

Spirit of the Puffing Wind 36x24 Pastel on Archival Board
Grateful to Mother Nature and her gifts. Grateful for time spent with a loved one on this adventure. Grateful to you for allowing me to share my journey with you.
Yosemite 2018

Where Oceans and Rivers Collide

I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day 27x40 Pastel on Archival Board

The water's surface smooth, except for the line of ripples moving slowly up river. The only hint of a turning tide in the slough. Pickleweed tops are red and vibrant against a green underbelly. Remnants of homesteading, the Eucalyptus trees stand tall. Suspended sediment trapped over time soon to disappear beneath the water.

An estuary, where the transition from salt water to fresh happens, fuels some of the most dynamic ecosystems on earth. For my purposes, these sloughs speak to my senses. I'm drawn to the rhythmic patterns of mud, water and flora. The sounds of waterfowl and hum of insects hint at the life that swims and grows below the surface. The undercurrent of brackish water gives off the smell of brine, while salt air sits heavily upon my lips.

Luminescent, Devereux Slough 18x24 Pastel On Archival Board
Veiled Wings, Elkhorn Slough 16x20 Pastel on Archival Board

Vibrant Arrangement

Pickleweed, plump with salt water, vividly rises from the sediment in Elkhorn Slough. Green and yellow algae undulate with a rising tide as the beautiful day reflects in pools of water. Impossible to ignore the rich jewels of the river that flows both ways.

Vibrant Arrangement 24x30 Pastel on Archival Board

Our Coast Sublime

Grand in her beauty, rugged on the edges, the California Coast offers inspiration to all who stand before her.

Etched by moments of raging violence and countered with divine calm the Monterey coast sends shivers down my spine. Her cypress trees stand the test of time, and sandy beaches I dare call mine. I stand with easel in hand, feet planted precariously on uneven rock, discovering how hard it is to make up my mind.

Nature's Artistry

A crescent curve beneath the cypress trees alive with light and life. Sifting sands warm between my toes as a magic carpet unfurls before my eyes. Pelicans soar low and slow while the rising sun greets the day.

Nature's Artistry 27x40 Pastel on Archival Board
17 Mile Drifter 12x16 Pastel on Archival Board
Along Carmel Meadows Trail 9x12
Kim Lordier painting along Carmel Meadows Trail 2018
Wistful Dreams 8x10 Pastel on Archival Board

Golden Evening

Thank you for your time here today. I am grateful for your friendship and support. I would love to see you at the opening reception this August, but if not please feel free to touch base with me!

Warm wishes and lots of love.


Golden Evening 27x40 Pastel on Archival Board

Visual Poetry

The Art of Kim Lordier

Opening Reception: August 4, from 12-3pm

James J. Rieser Fine Art

Dolores between 5th and 6th in Su Vecino Court

Carmel CA, 93921

(831) 620-0530

The Poetry of Mud ;-)

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