You Belong Here Virtual Curriculum night for the Centaurus Band


We will happily accept students of any grade level, even if you've taken some time off from playing (or have never played at all).


  • Co-curricular class
  • Every member of the band program participates in the marching band
  • Largest marching band in BVSD
  • 5-time State Champion
  • Opportunity to travel: 2020 Orlando, 2017 Boston, 2014 Hawaii, 2011 New York City, 2010 Orlando
  • Every year you participate in marching band, you earn PE credits, waiving most of your graduation requirements for PE

How to Register

  • All 1st year woodwind and brass members must register for Band 2
  • All 1st year percussion members must register for Band 3
  • All colorguard members must register for Jazz Band (zero hour)


Symphonic Band (Band 2)

  • Open to all 9-12 grade students, no audition is required
  • Large ensemble, typically between 45-50 members
  • Perform one concert per quarter and at the Silver Creek concert festival and at the spring CHSAA Large Group Festival

How to Register

  • Register for Band 2
  • If you played in middle school you are qualified for this ensemble
  • If you want to learn an instrument contact Mr. Vogelsberg for approval to join

Wind Ensemble (Band 1)

  • Open to 9-12 grade students, by audition only
  • A medium ensemble, typically around 35-40 members
  • Performs at CHS, CBA regional and state festivals, and CHSAA Large Group festivals

Freshmen aren't typically in the Wind Ensemble, but it's possible!! If you want to audition, ask your Middle School band teacher or contact Mr. Vogelsberg. If you earn a spot we will help you change your schedule.

Percussion Class (Band 3)

  • All percussion students will register for this class.
  • Percussion students will perform at all CHS concerts, CBA regional and state festivals, and all CHSAA Large Group festivals

How To Register

  • Register for Band 3
  • If you played in middle school you are qualified for this ensemble
  • If you want to learn to play percussion contact Mr. Vogelsberg for approval to join


  • Open to all 9-12 grade students
  • Performs school concerts and at Skyline Jazz Festival
  • Must play saxophone, trombone, trumpet, bass, guitar, piano or percussion
  • Students must be concurrently enrolled in Band 1, Band 2 or Band 3
  • Zero Hour Class - Students receive 5 credit hours for each semester of their jazz ensemble. Additionally, the zero hour offering allows students to have an additional elective during the school day.
  • The jazz program is our fastest growing music group and might expand to two ensembles in 2021-2022.

How to Register

  • Register for Jazz Band (in addition to your concert band and other elective)


In addition to the band courses at CHS we have extra curricular opportunities for our students, including the following:

  1. Honor Bands - Students audition and if selected get to perform with students from all over Colorado
  2. Winterguard - Our colorguard students have the opportunity to be the stars of the show all winter by competing in gyms to recorded soundtracks. All students are welcome and no experience is needed.
  3. Winter Percussion - Our winter percussion student have the opportunity to be a part of an award winning ensemble. This 3-time State Champion ensemble competes in gyms across the state of Colorado. No percussion experience is needed, in fact more than half of this group is made up students who play wind instruments.

Want the Short Version?

If you were in band in Middle School, keep playing! Sign up for Marching Band and Concert Band and see where it takes you. If you've never been in band, it's time to join the colorguard or learn an instrument. We'll be here to support you every step of the way.

Students: if you want a place to get information and ask questions before you get to high school please send Mr. Vogelsberg an email at: aaron.vogelsberg@bvsd.org

  • If you play a woodwind/brass instrument register for Band 2.
  • If you play percussion register for Band 3.
  • If you don't play anything, get involved with the colorguard and register for Jazz Band (zero hour).
  • If you don't play woodwinds/brass/percussion but you want to, contact Mr. Vogelsberg and we will make it happen.


Thank you to Phil Holmes and Lynn Adamchak for the photos!