Go Kart Project Cullen Monagle

Problem Statement- For this project, we are supposed to design and build a go kart powered by a drill. Our go kart will have to be tested on three different courses to see what it is best built for. we are set on a $25 budget, and we are planning on having the kart built in the next month or two. We are going to use wood for the frame of the kart and use some spare materials we find around the house/neighborhood to put on the kart. We are provided with a 18V drill and wood glue as well.


This is a more realistic picture of what our kart will actually look like. Nothing too fancy but will still get the job done
This picture gives us a general idea of what our kart may look like


This shows how our frame will look like from a top view and from behind
This picture gives a side view of our kart as well as another top view. The side view includes our braking system.


This is a top view of how our kart will look. This demonstrates the areas where we will cut out pieces of wood and also indicates where the seat will be.
This is a bottom view of our kart. This also indicates where the pieces of wood will be cut out, and also demonstrates the support system we have going, using pieces of wood going from the top to bottom, and the same thing width wise.
This is the picture of our back rest designed in onshape. On the bottom you can see where the mortis and tenons are and how they will fit into the frame.
This is an onshape file of how our frame is projected to look, including the braking system and front axel
This is our actual frame once it was cut out. It looks exactly the same as on our onshape file
This is our finished rear axel. We faced the problem of not having enough which as you can see in this picture, we added support to the bottom of the frame.
This is our mostly completed go kart, with the front axel detached from the body. We added out throttle and brake system which both seem to work, and our steering works as well when it is connected.
This picture is our frame with both axels attached, both of which have a set of two tires on them, allowing the cart to roll.

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