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Georgia (the country)

Between the peeks of the Caucasus mountains Georgia is located. Thanks to its location the nature is very beautiful and varied – with both waving green hills and bald, white mountain peaks throughout the small country. Except the nature the former Soviet country is well-known for its food, that consists of the local vegetables and meats.


The question is if any country has a double-sided picture of it as Iran. Everyone I have ever heard talking about Iran have mentioned the never-ending hospitality of the people – at the same time as te regime of course is far away from being democratic. Though to me, that is not a reason not to travel to the country – even though you should always be aware of the situation – and with your own senses experience the mythical persian culture and famous hospitality. And that the world’s, to many, best dates is from Iran does not make it worse.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is much of everything. Jungle, animals and greenery - between a half and a million arts are residented in the little country -, beaches, surfing, valcanos and a people world known for its mentality and kindness. And who isn't in to visiting a country where the general greeting phrase "pura vida" means "clean life"?


Iceland has become very trendy during the latest years – not at least with americans, thanks to the relatively short flight there. And thinking about the many Instagram-, blog- and Facebook-pictures that gets out of the cold island almost every day. And who does not get tempted by water falls, cliff formations, hot springs, volcanos, geysers and blue water? The fermented shark Hákarl, can I be without, though….


Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar – the highest mountain in Africa, that is seen quite easy to climb, a national park that is on the world heritage list of UNESCO or a paradise island in the Indian Ocean. The list of musts in Tanzania is as long as varied, so through a visit in Tanzania there is opportunity to do much of the most.


During centuries Colombia has endured a war with the FARC-gerilla, but last year the peace finally started to find the country in north South America. With that, the door for tourists has started to open to the green Amazon forests, white Caribbean beaches and vibrating, colorful cities. I do not know how you feel about it, but for me that description sound rather tempting.

South Africa

Thanks to the vlogger Mr. Ben Brown I have got a very positive picture of South Africa. Ben, that lives in Cape Town, does many hikes up the different mountains around the city, surfs in the wild Atlantic Ocean and explores the south west corner of South Africa with his jeep. Thanks to that Cape Town has climbed high up on my list of future destinations – and that the rest of South Africa has fantastic nature and safari experiences is not bad for the country.


What do you think of when you here Japan? Sushi, maybe? Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo? Well, that is not wrong, but that would be like saying the US is just hamburgers and Times Square. Because Japan is, of course, much more – well, I haven’t been there, but my picture of it is a lot more – with a fascinating culture, interesting architecture and a marvelous and varied nature.


Some mean that Canada is just like Sweden, but on steroids. And thinking about how beautiful Sweden can be it is not weird that Canada tempts me. Higher mountains, bluer lakes and bigger bears. Mainly the national park of Banff, Alberta, is interesting, a park that has one of the most photographed lakes in the world as well as fantastic skiing in the Canadian mountains.


Dates stapled upon each other, spices as long a you can see and the aroma of Tagine in the air on the Djemaa el-Fna square in Marrakech. Sunrise over the bald peaks of the Atlas mountains. Camels walking over the world’s biggest desert. Sure, these are just illusions in my head – but I want to believe they would be fulfilled by a visit to Marocco.
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