New York by.Jesus lopez

The first american chess tournament was held in New York
This is the state bird of New York and Missouri
The beaver was adopted as the state animal in 1975
The state rose is considered on of the most popular flower through out the centuries
The lady bug is the state insect for 6 other states
The Excelsior is the state motto for New York and which also means ''ever upward''
The state nickname for New York is, The Empire state. Its name got its name because its wealth and its variety of sources
The song was made by steven karmen in 1977 as part of the advertising campaign
Adirondack Mountains of new york have the biggest garnet mines
The sugar tree can live up for about 300,400 years
Albany has a population of 98,424
The big apple has a population of 8,405,000
This city invented chicken wings
New york has all of these seasons
The Statue Of Liberty is a very famous landmark
Central Park is a kids attraction
The Empire State building is an 102 story landmark with o
The Statue Of Liberty is a state icon
These three guys were born in New York
This was a famous team named New York Yankees
The New York Mets
New York University
These are two big colleges in New York
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Jesus Lopez-Pichardo


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