Battle of Brody June 23-30, 1941

Page by Mackenzie Rundell

The Battle of Brody was seven days, taking place June 23 to June 30, 1941. Only two countries were involved: Germany and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had outnumbered Germany's tanks 14:3. Even though Germany was at a huge disadvantage with tanks, they did win because the Red Army could not handle Luftwaffe (aerial warfare branch) attacks from the Germans. For the Germans, this ended up being the opening phase of Operation Barbarossa.

Map of where the battle took place. Cities involved were Dubno, Lutsk, and Brody.

What Type of Battle?

Mostly tank, but air forces did show up in the end. Battle of Brody did end up being the most intense armored engagements in WWII, as well as the largest tank battle.

Destroyed tanks near the Vojnitsa-Lutsk highway.

Who Were the Countries Involved?

Germany: 750 tanks, leaders and commanders were Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist, and Hyazinth Graf Strachwitz.

Soviet Union: 3,500 tanks, leaders and commanders were Mikhail Kirponos, Maksim Purkayev, Ivan Muzichenko, and Mikhail Potapov.

Map of Soviet territory conquered by Germany compared to the Soviet Union territory that hasn't been invaded

Goals and Objectives: Germany

  • To encircle and destroy the Red Army's Western front
  • To secure the Bug River crossings and advance to Rovno and Korosten
  • To advance between Lviv and Rovno in an attempt to cut the Lviv–Kiev railway line and drive a wedge along the junction point between the Soviet Army.
Germans soldiers, 1941

Goals and Objectives: Soviet Union

  • To carry out concentric strikes in the direction of Lublin
  • To encircle and destroy the enemy forces advancing along the Vladimir-Volynski-Krystonopol front
Soviet soldiers training after the German invasion of the Soviet Union.

Other Interesting Facts

  • Known in Soviet historiography as a part of the "border defensive battles."
  • Some Soviet tanks were immune to all anti-tank weapons.
  • Germany had 4,000 tanks available.
  • At the beginning of June, the Red Army included over 19,000 tanks in their inventory.
  • Soviets endured heavy casualties during the air-battle.
Destroyed Soviet fighter plane during the beginning of Operation Barbarossa.

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