Why Marriage is Good Timi Omotunde

Marriage is a good thing because it creates a bond between two people that helps them endure life together.

According to the Art of Manliness, married men are healthier men. They stay healthier and live longer than singles or co-habitators. For instance, statistically, married men have fewer infections and a lower risk of heart disease and some cancers; they are less likely to smoke, drink heavily, and be physically inactive; they are less likely to suffer from health conditions like back pain, headaches, and serious psychological distress. Overall the health benefits for married life seem great, but let us take a look at single life, as single people are not as healthy. Single people spend longer in the hospital, and have a greater risk of dying after surgery as 9 out of 10 married men who are alive at age 48 are alive at age 65. In comparison, only 6 out of 10 single men who was alive at age 48 was alive at 65. Married men live 10 years longer than single men.


Marriage helps people deal with stressful situations that they could not deal with in other ways. Particularly, in cases of diseases, as single people dealing with cancer are more likely to die in comparison to married people who are more likely to survive the ordeal.


Married men are wealthier men. On average, married men earn 10% to 40% more than single men. Married men also receive promotions more often and are given praise more often. Married men are also seen as more competent and responsible than married men.

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Marriage is good for the kids. Children from successful marriages lead healthier, longer lives if parents get and stay married. In one long-term study that followed a sample of highly advantaged children (middle-class whites with IQs of at least 135) up through their seventies, a parent's divorce knocked four years off the adult child's life expectancy. Forty-year-olds from divorced homes were three times more likely to die from all causes than 40-year-olds whose parents stayed married. In short, divorce puts on children and lowers their life expectancy, while a continuous marriage helps a child mature in life.


Marriage is safer. Single women and divorced women are four to five times more likely to be the victim of violent crimes, while bachelors and other types of single men are four times more likely to be the recipient of violent crime. Marriage lowers risky behavior and thus violent crime rates on individuals.


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