June Highlights

  • Congratulations to our 8th grade students on their Promotions and our 12th grade students on their Graduations! We were thrilled to be able to celebrate students from our three different sites in these important milestones.
  • In addition, congratulations to all TLC students on making it through this unusual school year. Your school community is incredibly proud of your hard work and perseverance.
  • We hope this final newsletter of the school year provides some opportunity to reflect and celebrate - and some ideas on how to have a happy and healthy summer.
  • We will provide a Year End Report over the summer to share graduation highlights, photos, and more!

Summer Resources

Stay Engaged This Summer

To help your students stay engaged over the summer, our Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator, Natalie Granger, compiled a list of resources for different academic subjects.

You can view the list of Math resources here. This blog, "Talking Math With Your Kids", is also a great database of ideas for fun ways to incorporate Math into activities for the whole family. A comprehensive list of Reading resources can be found here.

If your students could use some extra support this summer, you can also enroll them in TLC's in-person summer program, Surf into Summer. Registration is available via ParentSquare. The summer learning program features engaging, fun activities focused on math and English-language arts. Some teachers may utilize a hands-on STEM curriculum exploring oceans, waves, and more. Students will connect with peers, participate in projects to accelerate learning, and make lasting memories that build their confidence.

In addition to staying engaged with learning - don't forget to stay healthy, and have some fun this summer! Below are some additional ideas for how you can have a "TLC" summer.

Math Challenge Reward

Students, thanks to your success in answering 114,705 questions as part of the the IXL Math Challenge, you have earned your reward of staff performing a TikTok dance! Mrs. Mascari and Mrs. Millering did their very first TikTok dance to show how proud they are of all the TLC mathematicians for completing the challenge. CONGRATULATIONS!

...But wait, there's more! There were so many teachers and staff who wanted to share their congratulations by dancing that they made a special video to celebrate ALL your hard work this year. Read to the end of this newsletter to see the dances!

Student Work Spotlight

This month's student work spotlights come from TLC student artist Zoey Flores, 10th grader at TLC Scripps Ranch, with a depiction of Technoblade, a "Minecraft YouTuber." In addition, below are photos of Angel Rivera, a 5th grade student at TLC Scripps Ranch, who researched The Goliath Birdeater Tarantula for his final Science report, and Wesley Rivera, a 6th grade student at TLC Scripps Ranch, who researched The Turkish Angora Cat for his final Science report. Both students presented their projects to their families and their EP, Mrs. Jennifer Jacobus.

If you are a student and you would like to submit work to be featured, email tlcstudentnews@learningchoice.org. Submissions can be videos, written pieces, photographs, or anything that highlights what you have learned at TLC.

TLC Teams Finish at the Top in Investing Competition

We have some future hedge fund managers in TLC's senior class! Two teams of seniors from TLC Chula Vista recently competed in The Stock Market Game. Students were placed in teams and were given $100,000 of fictitious money to invest in stocks and bonds in real-time pricing.

Out of 276 teams from around San Diego, TLC's teams took 1st and 17th place! The first-place team saw almost a 98% return on investment thanks to their heavy investment in AMC stock.

The first-place team consisted of:

Eric Huerta

Emily Morado

Vania Nunez

Daniel Zapien

The 17th place team consisted of:

Gilberto Acosta Amillano

Luis Cruz

Michael Rodriguez

Great work to all!

Learning More about "I Love Lucy"

Ava Marcellus, a 5th grader in the Homeschool Program at TLC Scripps Ranch decided to do a digital slide show presentation for her end of year project, in which she showcased her research into the "I Love Lucy" star, Lucille Ball. You can view her full presentation here to learn more about this American icon, and see Ava's work!

Small group learning about plants, bees, and...pizza!

4th and 5th grade students at TLC Scripps Ranch had the chance to come on-site for small group learning for the last few months of the school year. Students in Ms. Gray’s class completed a project-based learning unit on the general term of plants. Through their homeschool work, Zoom sessions, and on-site project learning, they completed Mystery Science lessons on how plants grow, bees, gardening/farming, and more.

They also worked on a pizza math project based on fractions. The students created their own pizza place, set prices, invented different pizza flavors, and then solved various math questions based on their project. They even created a pizza box solar oven and cooked marshmallows on it!

We are so excited to have students back on site again and undertake more fun project based learning next school year!

4th and 5th grade students in Ms. Gray's class

Student & Podcast Host

If you need another podcast to add to your playlist, check out My Favorite Conversations, hosted by Bryana Key, rising senior at TLC Scripps Ranch. 

Welcome to My Favorite Conversations join me your host Bryana Key as I interview a special guest each week to be fully open and honest with each other and maybe learn a thing or two along the way : )

You can listen to Bryana's interview with TLC teacher, Emre Ulkucu, here. And check out her website here.

visit Bryana's website at https://myfavoriteconversations.weebly.com/

Slacktivism Explained

Have you heard the term "Slacktivisim"? Curious to find out more and why it is something you should think about? Watch 10th grade TLC Scripps Ranch student, Aidan Craig, explain more below!

Coda Harper: Softball All-Star

Congratulations to TLC La Mesa 4th grader, Coda Harper, on making the Under 8 All-Stars Softball team! Coda has been a student with TLC since she was in Pre K, she also plays on a select team that travels throughout the year and an under 10 recreation team.

You can read Coda's interview with TLC Executive Director, Debi Gooding to learn more about her!

How long have you played softball? I have played softball for 2 years and 1 year of baseball.

What positions do you play? I currently play shortstop but have played catcher and would like to do that again.

What do you like most about softball? The friends and getting to hang out during covid.

Do you have siblings? I have an older brother and sister who both go to TLC too. My sister is in 8th grade and my brother is in 6th grade.

Anything else you want to add? I like softball because it is a team sport and we have to work together to win. This is my first time making all stars.

Way to go, Coda!

Ways to Take Care of Yourself

  • Keep a dedicated work space (if applicable)
  • Create a morning routine
  • Maintain regular hours, including sleep hours
  • Schedule Breaks
  • End your day with a routine
  • Socialize with colleagues or friends
  • Develop a healthy self-plan that includes nutrition and exercise

STAR Student Recognitions

June: Courage

TLC is excited to recognize STAR students each month based on a determined character trait. June's character trait was Courage. Students were nominated by their Educational Partners and School Site Administrators. Congratulations to this month's STAR students!

Valentino Barron

Simon Becker

Nathan Bernabe Gatica

Aliyana Caasi

Jack Colmenares

Grace Davis

Jasmine Fausto

Gabriel Gordan

Scarlett Hancock-Wilkie

Wesley Harris

Nathaniel Langley

Angel Lopez Rivera

Carla Magallon

Lacey Merrill

Madisyn Newton

Michael Ontiveros

Leilany Padilla

Kyliah Page

Kara Post

Jessica Ramirez

Jade Redondo

Natalie Shook

Max Trujano De Los Santos

Itzel Yepez Lombera

This month's staff recognitions for Courage are:

Diane Barrett

Debi Gooding

Ana Knudsen

Katie Leonard

Rachel Rose

Student Council Corner

We would like to acknowledge our amazing Scripps Ranch Student Council for a year of going above and beyond to support their school site and fellow students. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts! Members of the Scripps Ranch Student Council include:

Reggie Estrella (President)

Natalia Gonzalez (Vice-President)

Josiah Nivinskus (Chief Council Member)

Julia Thompson (Secretary)

Antonio Didjusto (Reporter)

Mrs. Alicia Ruiz-Laufer (Advisor)

Dance into Summer...

As promised, your TLC teachers and staff were so proud of all your hard work this year, that they broke into dance to celebrate! Please enjoy their dance moves to get you into the "summer groove"!


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