Grammar Points Aline Guzmán

The place I want to visit

1. What makes us human?

I really really want to visit India, I though that its a wonderful place, Hindu is spoken there, I´ve never visited other country, unfortunately I can´t go now, I hope someday I have the opportunity to visit us

I hate my ex-friends

2. In so many words

I´m bitterly disappointed by them, they were my confidents and they let me down, so sorry I will find better friends someday.

So many Problems

3. Enough is enough

Every time we focus on the problems change starts happening. We could have all the problems in the world but if we stay sitting in a chair of something we will never solve them


4.Not All it seems

You should´t eat too much, You must go to a gym, If you want to be perfect you might be tiny, stupid advices that ruins our lives, be yourself be happy, you should´t worried for that kind of things.

Little details

5. Culture Clashes

A present for me? You shouldn’t have. Okay maybe you should, we need those little details to makes us happy, it´s something that makes our lives a little more better. I love the details

What did I do?

6. Fruits of war

I did too many things in the past, I don´t remember, does he remember something? What did I do? I hope I didn´t hurt no one.


7. Lighten up!

If we ever had money as children, we spent it on sweets. Not in pay the taxes or the bills only in innocent things, things of joy.


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