ecology of care A resource for caregivers of children living with complex and chronic medical conditions.

‚ÄčCaregiving a Sick Child is Hard-Getting Support While Doing So is Essential

parents, advocates, teachers, friends, providers, and healers all create the ecologies of care that support these extraordinary children

We also recognize that the well documented disparities in access to care and health outcomes impact not only children living with chronic illnesses, but their caregivers and communities as well.

We offer resources for families, caregivers, and providers regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Our goal is to vertically integrate best and holistic practices throughout the healthcare delivery system and communities of care to improve outcomes for all stakeholders.

A partnership between Commonweal's Ecology-of-Care Project and Communitas

A parent/caregiver and pediatrician designed program in collaboration with UCSF's Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital-Mission Bay.

we conduct research- provide trainings and workshops- and offer circles of support, navigation tools, and online resources that take a holistic approach to wellness. family retreats will be available through the communitas program in 2018.

Our workshops provide evidence-based and integrative approaches to wellness for families, caregivers, and providers.

Join us for one of the following "parent tested-pediatrician approved" workshops or training sessions

Topic areas - 2017/2018

  1. Care Mapping - tools and techniques to create an overview for an integrated continuum of care
  2. Empathy Strategies - how to utilize empathy practices to improve caregiver/provider/patient relationships
  3. Shotblockers, EMLA, & the Magic Glove - techniques to take the "ouch" out of "sticky" situations and procedures
  4. Compassionate Communication - improving caregiver and provider skills
  5. Not Just a Spoonful of Sugar - techniques and skills to help pediatric patient compliancy with the administration of medications
  6. Mindfulness Techniques - teaching caregivers and providers how to regain a locus of control in the face of pediatric illness using established integrative medicine interventions with movement, music, art, and writing
  7. Overview of Integrative Pediatric Pain Management - beyond medication and meditation
  8. Re-thinking Developmental Milestones - considerations for how chronic childhood illness impact milestone mastery, locus of control, and individuation

This project was founded by the mother of two chronically ill children and a UCSF pediatrician practicing integrative medicine. Together we have created a project to address the pervasive need for information, support, and the resources necessary to create the ecology of care for chronically ill children.

Our program model recognizes that the entire system of care needs support. Providers and caregivers need to work together to have best-practices vertically integrated throughout the system of care - from patient to policy. We work with peer groups to improve skills, apply research, increase access to information, and to create networks of care. We work with patients, families, caregivers, providers, and institutions. We are particularly committed to ensuring that low-income and other vulnerable caregiver communities have access to resources and support.

Learn more about our work with Communitas & Kids & Caregivers.

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