Tesla is an electric car and power-train designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor.. Tesla's name comes from the electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla and it was first created to accelerate the transition towards sustainable transportation.

Target Customer

The original target of Tesla the upper class business executives and other who were looking for a high-end luxury car. Focused on Tesla Roadster = 100k

The current customer of Tesla are successful business executives and entrepreneurs, that are tech savvy and green friendly. Focused on Model S = 70k

The target market for Tesla is now the people from mid 20's to early 40's integrated in the middle class working adults. Mainly focused on the Model 3 = 30k

Evolution of the Master Plan designed by Tesla. From high executives, to young entrepreneurs and finally to upper mid class families.
Analysis based on a survey made by Tesla of their customers.

Target Market

The market in which Tesla in competing can be considered the luxurious or the electric one, we are going to focus on the luxury hybrid/electric.
Competitive Analysis of the brands's top selling cars in the market for Luxury Hybrid/Electric Cars

German Market

The company conducts business in North America, Asia and Europe. It became the number one company in Germany's competitive electromobility sector. Beating homegrown firms such as Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes.
Tesla charging stations nowadays VS Tesla charging stations in the near future

In Europe, Tesla is focused more in the luxury car market and talking about superchanger stations, the majority are in Germany, Norway, UK and France. The reason why Tesla is dominating the German market is because it has more to offer, according to researchers.

After a slow start in Germany for the past 3 years, last year model S increased by 94% according to registration data.. things are looking up for Tesla in Germany!

Long-Run Strategy

Tesla's objective is to be established as the market leader in 10/20 years through its positioning and distribution.


In order to keep dominating the market and to grow the market share, Tesla will focus on its Utility per Dollar value, and its car maintainence costs (consumer needs to know why are they paying more to have a Tesla and if the maintenance cost is going to be high).

To achieve a good brand-image and therefore justify its price, Tesla needs strong brand marketing.

To make customers rely on post-selling services and the price of it, Tesla plans to increase the number of Supercharging stations, investing in battery strategies to lower the price, opening its patents to the competition in order to standardise the design, providing battery swap options and finally building a Gigafactory in Europe


In the coming five years, Tesla will need to expand its distribution channels by agreements with Car dealerships and access to the vast distribution channels that competitors have access to now

These measures will help Tesla improve its current margins, while achieving a higher market share in the Long Run

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