Manitourist (Democracy: The God That Failed) By CortisoL


2017 | Metal


“Switch on the stake! Unbelievers make a good steak. -- Pick and stick and knit, pluck and tuck and duck. -- Select connect expect Inject infect collect. -- The well-sculpted wheat fields make me dream on my orbit."


  • For more music check out the songwriter's other project Porno Coma.
  • The lyrics are in a mix of German, French and English.
  • Brainchild of the band: In one sentence, Manitourist is about politics & democracy as a superstition and how people consume it as a vacation from thinking, shifting from island to island until they find one that best comforts their feelings.


Luke Tatum

This is some crazy stuff, right here. Beyond the name, we had a bit of a hard time with this one. It seems to be from the perspective of the state, callously talking about its subjects and those that fail to bow to its majesty. With a gem like "Unbelievers make a good steak," how can you not love this? It's a bit like watching Vietnamese Pokemon Crystal in English. (If you haven't had the pleasure, a trip to YouTube is in order.)

Nicky P


Created By
Nicky P