Roman emperors By Chase Fenstermacher

Julius Caesar grew up in a time in a lot of fighting, and started to Allie people of nobility. Then he got a prominent position of governor of farther Spain. He began to plundered other small cities around them. Then he had two key allies Pompey and Crassus Julius began to be friends, and they formed a powerful group. He created a riot because one of his decisions and he used the chaos to conquer Gaul, but the once allies Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus who had died in battle became enemies. Cesar run was cut short after old enemies joined together and assassinated him.

Julius Caesar was important because he ended the republic, and he ended the democracy. He also conquered Gaul, and was the first emperor.

Augustus was born in 62BC when there was much fighting, and was not safe in Rome. Augustus came from nowhere until Julius Caesar his uncle adopted him when he was 19 to become his heir to the throne, and as soon as he took the he formed an alliance with Marc Antony which was very successful. After Marc went to Egypt and “fell under the spell of Cleopatra”, he took over Egypt but before he could strike Augustus had already attacked. He had also started to charm the Senate, by pretending to give up power then the Romans panicked and begged him to come back. Augustus achieved a lot in his reign he expanded the empire, ended 100 years of civil wars, and he also achieved 50 years of internal peace and prosperity

Augustus was important because he ended 100 years of civil war, along with that he achieved over 40 years of peace, and he was very clever with his decisions. He also was just 19 when he first Caesar died so he took rule, and for some of the decisions he made at such young of an age I Rome probably wouldn't be as well known as they are today.

Vespasian began to get many honors, and Invaded England. When he was away two people tried to claim the throne so when he got back he came and to reclaimed the throne, and his troops had won the battle by morning, with that Vespasian had his throne back. Then Vespasian had to raise money so he raised taxes, and claimed public land, which filled the vaults with a ton of money. With some of this money he made a huge building program, and used some of the money on the army. He also brought the first real stability for 20 years, and made Rome greater than ever

Vespasian brought much wealth, stability, and built the coliseum. He also restored Rome after other rulers that would splurged their money.

Trajan was heir to the throne after Navera died, and Trajan ruled from 98AD to 117.Trajan also expanded Roman, which gained salt and gold mines. Trajan made new buildings, and started a welfare program for the poor and supported homeless after natural disaster.

Trajan expanded Rome, and gained much wealth for Rome. He also started a welfare program for the poor.

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