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"Girls' greed", Marker Painting and collage, Jan 2016, 11 Inches x 8 Inches


  • I used a lot of colorful markers to paint two girls who wear opposite style looks. Markers are hard to paint specific because the markers are blunter than other tools but the reason of i chose makers to paint was these are good to paint clearly, so it was useful to color like pop art. While i was expressing contrast, i painted over shadow part to looks three-dimensional. In additional, i collage with printed pictures. Opposite charm is the most important point of this drawing, so i printed some pictures that people usually think "cute" and "sexy" (ex: Teddy bear, cupcake, rose and channel bag) , and pasted around of the girls.


  • I think every girl is pretty and they have their own charming point (ex: Cute, Girlish and boyish ), however they think they are ugly and envy other girls. Mind that girls always wants to be the prettiest girl in the world is cutting down themselves. It is important to find their own attractions and love themselves.
"Remember 416", Water Color Painting, Apr 2016, 10.6 Inches x 15.3 Inches

"South Korea ferry disaster: Last moments on capsized ferry caught on tape"


  • I used water color paint to paint a girl and yellow ribbon behind the her. I have a weak ability to water color painting, so it was kind of challenge for me. I focused on contrast and tried to water color is not spread or mix with color. This painting used bright colors mainly because it has meaning about remember April 16th and wishes hope. In additional, i wanted to make a more solid picture, so i cut the paper and make butterfly shape to paste on the drawing. The 3 color strings and yellow ribbon are also all handmade.


  • There was serious accident almost 3 years ago. 301 "Dan won" high school students died in April 16th 2014 by the ferry accident when they went to the school trip. At that moment, many students were able to rescue and alive but the damage was severe because captain was already escaped and the government did not respond quickly. I was so sad when i heard the news. Butterfly represents "Hope" and yellow ribbon represents "Return". I made this for cherish the memory of a deceased students.
"Refelction", Digital Photograph, Oct 2016, 11 Inches x 14 Inches


  • i took this picture in dundas when i went to field trip in grade 12 photography class. I used DSLR which was on the manual mode to take that.


  • Before i took this picture, i was very tired to walking for many hours, then suddenly i saw the just normal building and i was very surprised because clouds appeared on the building window by light reflection. The harmony of modern buildings and nature was very beautiful.
"Baseball Animation", Animation, May 2015, 8.2 Inches x 11.4 Inches


  • I made pencil to draw a girl hit the baseball step by step on each paper and painted with colored pencils. When i was doing this assignment in grade 11 visual class, Mr. Porter gave me a wooden ball joint doll. It was very helpful to make action about hitting baseball one by one. Furthermore, i made my own creative character and added action to the drawing.


  • I think understanding how human moving and draw many scenes when character doing some action are very important to create animation.
"View of Osaka", Paper Cutting, Oct 2016, 10.2 Inches x 13 Inches


  • I chose picture which is street of Osaka, Japan. It seemed very crowded a lot of stores and people in the picture. The hardest part was connect each other to prevents the other part is cut off. During cutting paper i was really being careful to cut because knife is very shape and dangerous, also every part was very detail. If i made just one mistake, it makes a lot of damage. However, Ms. Tuzi told us about put the tiny tape back of paper. That idea was very useful to fix the paper cutting. The creative part is while i was making rough copy to cut, i had good idea about change the shop signs. All signs were Japanese and i changed to Korean which is my name, my friend's name and famous wise saying in Korea.


  • Japan is my favorite country because i really like Japanese food and Japan has a lot of famous especially cherry blossom lake. The most important reason that Japan my favorite place is I love Japanese animation. Japanese animation has good story and drawing is very detailed. I never been to Japan but i have plan to visit there after graduate.
"National MC Jae-suk Yoo", Clay Sculpture, Dec 2016, 8 Inches x 11 Inches


  • While I was building sculpture, two tools were very useful. One was the tool that can take clay easily. It looked like triangle but center is empty, that’s why it is easy to take clay away. Another was the tool that one side has a sharp thin stick and other side has a flat circle. The sharp thin stick is easy to make delicate part and flat circle is useful to pile up clay. However, the best tools were my fingers. There were very useful while I was painting sculpture. It was easy to blending. In additional, there are 3 creativity elements and principle of my design and sculpture. Firstly, most other sculptures are impassive but my sculpture is smiling brightly. That is the main reason I chose this picture and built. Secondly, my sculpture has deep shade and highlight. During I was painting sculpture; I was most concerned about giving that because contouring makes sculpture more three-dimensional. Thirdly, I also concerned to make wrinkles. The wrinkles can be inferred from the coloring of the paint, making it possible guess the age.


  • Before Jae-Suk Yoo become popular as MC, he did not success as comedian from 1991. Most people hated him because they thought he is not funny and even when he was a stage, he stood as an extra. However, he did not give up and 6 years later there is a TV show that changed his completely. It is a “Infinite challenge”. Yoo got his position in main MC of this program and he tried his best for the TV show also he did not think of himself arrogantly, and he take cared other members and lead a TV show together. Many Korean people were impressed by this appearance and leadership, so they named him Korea’s best MC. In addition, appearance and leadership was known by his other famous program “Running man” in other countries. Yoo is now the best MC in the world, as well as the best MC in Korea and he makes a good image of Korea. I was extremely, shy in the past. I never gave my opinion and I rarely had conversation with other people because I was scared. However, I was very impressed by the way he worked hard and his leadership through the “Infinite Challenge”. Now I can usually show my opinion and not afraid to conversation with other people.



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