Tenure Tenure in Iowa vs colorado

Tenure in Iowa Public Schools: Per the National Council on Teacher Quality based on research in Des Moines, IA , teachers attain tenure after 3 years. This goes against the reports that Iowa does not maintain a tenure system and actually adhere to chapter 279.15 which only protects teachers to maintain their job unless "just cause" is found to relieve them of their duties. Neither system seems to protect Iowa teachers to the extent that a true tenure system does. That is the argument that we must choose a side, to tenure or not to tenure.

Colorado's tenure system is a progressive template that I feel is the most advantageous for both teachers and administration. Colorado's tenure system is built on the premise that teachers have to prove themselves or lose the protection of tenure. Is this bad? Absolutely not, if you are an effective teacher this should lend itself to benefits such as tenure. You prove your worth through the students success, this is your most basic job description. As you teach your students excel so does your career and your protection for a job well done.

If I had the opportunity to teach in either state I would choose Colorado. I am not fearful of teaching under the tenure parameters set forth by the Colorado state government. The prove it or lose it mentality can only lead to a teacher working for the success of their students as it will increase their job security. As opposed to the Iowa process of "just cause" and a murky tenure law , Colorado affords the teacher to revel in their success in the form of strong job protection or face the consequences of underachieving and failing their students.

Colorado does request requirements for license transfer , such as a review of transcripts and the teachers previous state license. The state will allow a teacher to apply for a teaching license in Colorado that will give the prospective teacher and administration time to review and consider what future classes or requirements may need to be taken. All FAQ's can be found on this excellent website: https://www.cde.state.co.us/

References: http://www.nctq.org/districtPolicy/contractDatabase/district.do?id=73https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JZhAomLwdM


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