DTC #67: Oil & Iron Journey through the date 38,000 years in the making





Take a history lesson and smell the methane at LA’s most natural “museum”.

Grab a cocktail on an artistic mod patio amidst the museum madness

Tour the most classic and futuristic collection of cars you’ve ever seen.

Twirl up handmade pasta on the patio of a hidden Italian gem.

Robert “Pete” Petersen opened the museum in 1994 with a $100 million donation from his publishing fortune which included Motor Trend, Hot Rod, Guns & Ammo, and Teen magazines.
Stop 1

Cruise the crude "museum"

• 2:15pm to 3:15 pm •

Kids scurry past their families while couples mimic “My Girl 2” along the Museum Mile stretch of Wilshire Blvd. Your attention is hard pressed to not focus on the excitement of the park but you’ve come here to soak up the black stuff...

  • You can have a blast without paying to go to the museum but if you want to experience it all it costs $18 weekdays and $22 weekends.🦖
  • With admission you can check out the Observation Pit which was opened in 1952 and was the first museum opened in Hancock Park. 🙊 If you don't feel like paying admission you can always check out Pit 91 which is almost the same thing.
  • In pit 91 alone they've uncovered 189 fossils so far with 73 saber-toothed cats, 56 dire wolves and 1 mammoth.
Stop 2

relax with a cocktail amid the "artists"

• 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm •

The afternoon museum crowd hustles from exhibits to photo ops in the center of the LACMA quad. You pass the urge to join the lemmings and pop in to the patio of Ray’s and Stark Bar...

  • Try the Paloma, Blood Orange Margarita, or, our favorite, the Frosè Rosè. 🍹
  • If you must Happy Hour is Monday thru Thursday 5-8pm with $5 beers, $6 wines and $8 cocktails. 🍸
  • Quick Date Idea: 🎷 Friday's head into Ray's and Stark Bar before dipping into the Jazz at LACMA.
Stop 3

Scour the largest collection of cars you've ever seen

• 4:30pm to 6pm •

The red and silver flowing building of the Petersen Automotive Museum towers over the Wilshire and Fairfax intersection like a mystical iron giant. Easily passed on your morning commute you’re all too eager to walk inside once you’re in first gear...

  • Admission to the museum is $16 and well worth it. They also have an underground lair full of untouchable cars in a separate exhibit called The Vault. 🏦 This is a $25 addition to your GA ticket. It's a guided tour, there's no photography, and its highly suggested you book in advance.
  • There is a rotating exhibit on the first floor. As of writing this it is “Hollywood Dream Machines”. 🏎🚎 Check their website for details.
  • Their gift shop is badass and full of toys you wanted as a kid. It’s absolutely worth a run through.
Stop 4


• 4:30pm to 6pm •

You cross the finish line into Drago Ristorante with a welcoming reception. Passing by the beauty of a pizza oven and gorgeous dining room you happily exit into the hidden patio...

  • This museum gem is part of the Drago group with many other restaurants in town like Gusto, Il Pastasio, and Piccolo Paradiso.
  • There is a happy hour every day from 5-7pm with $7 apps., $7 wines/cocktails 🍷 and $5 beers 🍻 .
  • Peter Vilardo is the Sicilian born master pizza chef. His regular pies are delicious but if you are looking for something a little different he can make you artistic pies with any image on it. He once made a Rocky pizza for Sylvester Stallone! Call one week ahead 😉

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