Yeast Bread Infographic 7 steps to make yeast bread

Basic Ingredients:

Flour-Structure, helps form gluten, All Purpose or Bread Flour

Liquid- Moisture to form gluten and activate yeast. Temperature is important (temp depends on recipe and type of yeast used.) If using Milk scald first

Leavening Agent- Makes bread rise by producing carbon dioxide. Yeast (living organism) is used

Salt-Adds flavor, regulates action of yeast, inhabits certain enzymes in flour.

Sugar- Adds flavor, food for yeast, improves browning and texture.

Fat- Helps with tenderness, solid fat used (Optional)

Eggs-Provides flavor & richness, Improves color & structure, Considered part of the liquid.

7 Steps

Step 1: Mix Dough: there are different methods used they are,Traditional Method, Mixer Method, One-rise Method, Batter Method, and Cool-rise. Each one is used depending on the recipe you are using and type of yeast

Step 2: Knead Dough: Fold-Push-Turn motion, press with the heel of hand, avoid adding too much flour. this process develops gluten

Step 3: Proofing: Dough sits until "Double in Bulk", Fermentation takes place when alcohol and carbon dioxide form.(Alcohol dissolves in baking)

Step 4: Punch Down: Firmly push your fist into the center of dough, releases carbon dioxide.

Step 5: Shape:Shape dough according to recipe directions. Helps reach desired shape of dough

Step 6: Bench Proof: Let shaped dough rise until double in size. Let sit in a dark dry place.

Step 7: Bake: Baking times and temps vary depending on dough type and shape. Most bake in a moderately hot oven.


Proof-Dough sits until double in bulk and fermentation occurs.

Fermentation- Takes place during proofing. Alcohol and carbon dioxide form

Gluten-Helps to form elasticity and gives bread strength.

Oven Spring- a good indicator of the bread crumb of your bread. More oven spring means a light and airy interior and little oven spring indicates a dense compact crumb.

Carbon Dioxide- carbon dioxide and alcohol are released into bread dough, making it rise.

Knead-Fold-Push-Turn Motion, helps to develop gluten

This video uses kneading and proofing


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