Steve Stricker Claire

A local golfer named Steve Stricker announced the amount of money earned for charity from the first PGA seniors golf tournament held in Madison.

The tournament was sponsored by American Family Insurance and was promoted by a local golfer named Steve Stricker.

The tournament at University Ridge in Madison brought over 56,000 people,who brought in $12 million for local businesses. They had a goal of raising $500,000, but some people laughed because they thought that was too high of a goal. But the people who thought that were wrong because they actually raised more than 2 times their goal they made almost $1.1 million. That is some of the highest amount of money for charity from any first time tournament. The biggest check of almost $600,000 will go to the American Family Children’s Hospital. The rest of the money raised will go to 33 other local charities. Some local Wisconsin celebrities like Steve Stricker and Brett Favre helped raise most of the money.

People expect next year's tournament to be even bigger because Steve Stricker and Jerry Kelly both turn 50 and you must be 50 to play in the seniors tournament. Also because they raised so much money they expect to have even more corporate sponsors. The players really liked the tournament because of the crowd, that they usually only get at champion events.

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