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Thesis:The Globe theater had a great influence on how we view the presented shows and how we perform drama through the type of theater buildings, the stage, and elaborate costumes and sound effects.

Theater Buildings:

Quote #1:"Public theaters were larger than private ones and held at least 2,500 people"(Lander).

Commentary: Shakespeare's plays were mostly meant for the public display. The people who had set up the stage had taken advantage of the setting and using the daylight and where it would be built.

Quote #2:"Private theaters charged higher prices and were to design to attract higher-class audience"( "Shakespeare").

Commentary:Although there was amazing advantages to having and performing in a public theater the people also found some in the private one. Due to having more to offer in the private theater the actors could change the scene and the stage.

Quote #3:"The first public theater in England, called The Theatre, was built near London in 1576"(Novick).

Commentary:After the first theater was opened a chain of different ones had opened up. Many had seen inspiration and started to make other types to change the perspective.

The Stage:

Quote #4:"He first act of the play is set in Venice, and the remaining acts are set in a seaport on the island of Cyprus"("Othello").

Commentary:When making the theaters there was many different features that would help the audience understand the play more. For example there would be "trapdoors" to where the characters who play ghosts or something evil they could escape the stage and the good characters had their own exits off stage to make the play seem more real.

Quote #5:"Behind the shallow stage was a raked(tilted) stage on which painted sets created a perspective setting. Serlio's three stage designs—for comedy, tragedy, and pastoral dramas—were widely imitated"( Novick).

Commentary: Novick states that the designers of the new types of theaters were inspired by how a person could view a perspective painting and the influence of the Roman facade. The way also of the seating changed and strongly demanded of building the stage in a roofed theater.

Quote #6: "Many Old English poems glorified a real or imaginary hero and tried to teach the values of bravery and generosity"(Novick).

Commentary: This style of the Old English influences fairy tales and playwrights that are produced today. This relates to how the language Shakespeare used for his plays and what dialect he uses for his morals of the work.

Quote #7: "Elizabethan plays did not depend on scenery to indicate the setting (place) of the action"(Lander).

Commentary: Shakespeare had wanted his work to be expressed in the best way possible. Yet in certain scenes that included a lot of changing dialect and fighting the production did not include or worry about the background setting.

Costumes and Sound Effects:

Quote #8 :"Spectacle deals with the visual aspects of a play, especially the physical actions of the characters. Spectacle also refers to scenery, costumes, makeup, stage lighting, and props"(Novick).

Commentary: The use of visual aid helps show the possible thoughts and actions of the shown character. Also the makeup and stage lighting show the mood of the situation.

Quote #9:"In telling a story, opera uses the enormous power of music to communicate feeling and to express emotions"(Bauman).

Commentary: Through singing and acting the main objective is to tell a good story to the audience. In a single song it could morph the emotion the author wanted the people watching to experience.

Quote #10:"Acting companies spent much money on colorful costumes, largely to produce visual splendor"(Lander).

Commentary:Relating to Shakespeare his plays were made to have the audience enjoy the show by adding the costumes and sounds. While spending money on the costumes they added props which added excitement to the show.

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