Sir Isaac Newton The most famous scientist in the world

Isaac was born on 25th December 1642 in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth.

The Trinity College admitted Newton in 1660.

In the 1665 the plague flooded London and the Trinity college closed. In 1666 he discovered the colours of the light.

In his house in the same year he discovered the law of gravitation.

Newton invented a new type of telescope and he thought the moon don't fall down because the gravity attract this but there's the centrifugal force who repels it.

In 1669 Isaac became a Maths teacher in the University of Cambridge.

In 1687 he published the "Principia Mathematica" where he wrote about his discoveries.

In the 1705 Queen Anne nominated Isaac "Sir Newton, president of the Royal society".

Isaac died on 31 March 1727

Newton don't was good at the Trinity College, he studied only Math and Science but he had bad marks in History. And he was dyslexic.
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